Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Blues.

It must have started with that evil piece of chocolate cake yesterday because I have been craving crabs like no tomorrow.  I've had 3 berry smoothies and a giant bag of plain popcorn (the one that I make in the brown paper bag in the microwave). I even put hemp hearts in one of the smoothies to try to up the protein to decrease the cravings...but nope... I want to eat, eat, eat.   During the day I was good, I stuck to cooler plan 1,... until tonight.

Mark is out at a Hockey game.  Go Leafs Go!!!!  And I'm really happy that he's having a good time with his buddy Ryan.  But it has now been 2 days of missed gym and I am losing my mind.  I had prepared the kids to go out to the gym tonight, the plan was to: pick up Annaliese, have diner (brown rice was in the steamer already), just add the broccoli and throw the sausage on the BBQ, pack up and leave to go the the gym.  I literally sounded like Dora on the way home from Annaliese's school.  Get home, eat super, go to gym!  But by the time the sausage made it onto the BBQ, Luke and Annaliese had already had 3 meltdowns.  So I had to re-asses.  Going to the gym would most likely be a bad idea with such tiered kids.  A long weekend with not enough naps will do that to my kids.  So I sucked it up and skipped the gym.  We had diner, played in the basement, had baths and read stories.  All 3 kids were in tucked in and sleeping by 7:30 (a bloody record).  So it really was a good thing I didn't go to the gym because they would have been coming home at 8pm.  But crap I am suffering for it.  I wish oh wish I was one of those work out at home kind of people.  But, instead I fold 4 loads of laundry, empty and fill the dishwasher twice!, clean the kitchen and tidy the house.  Now I'm watching the Biggest Loser on pvr and craving crabs.   I have to tell you that when I workout I eat much much better than when I don't.  It's a strange thing that happens in my brain.  I crave crap when I feel like crap, I crave super healthy food when I'm working out and feeling healthy.

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