Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This is my second post today, but I was so excited about the results of my first juicing experience that I had to blog about it.  I bought the juicer two days ago, and it sat in the car for that length of time because Mark was trying to convince me to return it, he said it was the biggest waste of money, that it wasn't economical, blah blah blah... and was I really going to drink the stuff?   You would think he doesn't know me: the who has been adding Kale and spinach to smoothies and muffins for years. So back to the juicer, I decided that I didn't want to spend a ton of money on the machine (in case it was a total waste and I never used it).  I got it at XS Cargo for 40$, it is called the Blenderpro Elite.  I have no clue if that is even a real appliance brand.  Oh well!  I took out some veggies and a bit of fruit, read the directions, washed the machine up and here are the pictures...

I used 2 celery stalks, about 7 leafs (I can't remember what that green is called), half a cucumber, a nectarine (and a last minute addition of strawberries)

Working its magic, it is really fast (and no I didn't use the watermelon or beans in this juice - but the beans are from our garden!).

After I tasted it with only the peach, it was a little too green for me so I added 4 strawberries!  Served over ice...

Leftover for tomorrow morning! 
In case you are wondering what in the world gave me this idea... I stumbled across a Netflix documentary called Fat,Sick and Nearly Dead and loved it.  I do not plan on actually doing the juice fast.  I do however plan on adding as much green juice to my diet as I can.  And the kids too!


  1. It was delicious... not chocolate cake kind of delicious, but refreshing and fresh and crisp. The kind of good you know your body will thank you for! and yes it did taste green!

  2. Nice! Man oh man... $40 is not a lot for a juicer, because most people spend like $200! Getting a juice at a restaurant is always $7; within 5 juices, it will be paid off. Enjoy!

  3. Awesome! That juicer looks very similar to the Breville used in the documentary, so I think you got a great bargain! Looks like you juiced some chard there. I love drinking mine in a clear plastic straw cup similar to yours. Cheers!

  4. Since you've had this for well over a year, could you give us an update?

    The cons on this juicer is that the plastic breaks off and it does not last.

    I have the Breville and would love to know how this one stacks up to it.

  5. I just bought this juicer 2nd hand. No directions. How do you clean it?

  6. I just bought this juicer 2nd hand. No directions. How do you clean it?