Saturday, February 26, 2011

Leftovers, Spring Cleaning and Detox

Just a moment ago I was sitting on the couch holding my steaming cup of tea, thinking about what to type about.  Mark was offering suggestions on topics, babies (because we just finished watching the documentary), cheap hugs (because Luke made up a teaser hug to get our goat), the bird (our turkey diner tonight in honour of Mark's big 29th birthday this Tuesday), but nothing really appealed to me, except the fact that my fridge is now filled with leftovers.  Wednesday's pasta, Thursday's chili, Friday's pizza (only one slice though) and now tonight's feast.  I am actually very proud that I've been able to use up all the fresh food I bought last Sunday.  My pantry is well stocked and if I was in a pinch we wouldn't have to actually go shopping for another week, because we have enough milk to get us by.  If I was smart I would freeze lunch sized portions for Mark.  (I'll get there)

I'm honestly not sure why this topic is on my mind, talking about babies or hugs seem like they would inspire more attention, but nope.  Food it is.  I've been working really hard at being on top of my pantries and freezers.  I am constantly putting stuff to freeze so it preserve longer, and taking out food and thawing it so I can incorporate it in with the fresh stuff we buy at Longo's.  I am working of emptying the basement chest freezer because I'm getting excited for summer to finally be here.  Farmer's market opens May 1st.  Two months away.  Our can rack, which holds our tomatoes sauces and fruit preserves is also getting emptier.

This is kind of like a spring cleaning for me.  Doesn't spring cleaning make you happy?  It sure makes me happy, the idea of freshening up rooms, moving stuff around, getting rid of junk (donating) and the end result...  a clean, uncluttered room and if we are lucky... the closet. 

Now getting back to food, I've noticed a lot of people at the gym talking about doing a "self" spring cleaning.  A detox: no dairy, no wheat, no coffee or sugar.  I have never done this, I'm kind of curious what all the hype is about.  I am not one to go along with fads just because "they are cool".  But I am going to investigate this idea of rebooting your digestive system because I have essentially done this with my tastes buds over the last year, so why not give my insides some consideration.  I am healthy, but health is always a spectrum, and I think you can always be healthier.  My only concern would be that if I limit myself so stringently I might swing back the other direction when I'm done my detox. ???

Has anyone ever done a detox? How long was it? Did it help? Give you a lot of gas? Did you binge when you were done?


  1. No coffee will definitely help you. :)

  2. I love food as a topic too! I feel impressed with myself when I don't let the fresh food go to waste either.

    The detox you describe sounds healthy enough, there are also many with special teas and laxatives to clear the system, which make me worry.

  3. There is tons of stuff out there on detox, etc. The best form of detox though is eating healthy day in day out, incorporating powerful antioxidants, and making your diet rich in veggies. So, in that sense you are already there!
    I have done the Bryce Wylde Antioxidant Prescription cleanse, and I am thinking of trying the 21 day cleanse in Crazy Sexy Diet.
    Depending on what you do, it is good for your body since we often get in the groove of eating the same things, limiting the types of nutrients our bodies get. If a cleanse changes the things you eat, you can overcome that nutritional plateau in the same way changing your exercise routine challenges your muscles differently.
    I agree with Carry about the worrying teas and laxatives that are often recommended.

  4. Natalie, I can give you a run down of the different Detoxes.

    You do have to be careful what you do, a Detox for all intensive purposes sluffs the junk out of your system that has otherwise found cozy corners to hide in and your body has found ways to stop it from affecting your body too badly. A cleanse gets in there and lifts all the junk out of those corners of your body to be expelled, and if it doesn't expel fast enough, that junk clutters your body's systems you can get really sick.

    So take it slow and easy, and I can show you some of the ins and outs of Cleansing.