Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday... skating, shopping and this and that...

This was a pretty awesome day.  I got to sleep in (thanks Mark), and eat pancake breakfast (oh I know it's twice in one week - lucky me!).  Then I actually braved the cold and ventured into that white stuff.  I did it for the kids, they were so excited to try out the new skating rink in the back yard.  So armed with two pairs of pj pants, coffee and sun glasses I enjoyed a morning with the kids.  Just in case you are wondering where the third one was, he was having an early nap today.  I think the poor kid is getting sick again.  So here are the pictures of our backyard adventure. 

Hot chocolate time!!!
So the awesomeness kept going and I went out with Annaliese to buy her some nail polish (as promised from like 2 weeks ago - kid sure has a good memory when it's something she wants!) but ended up getting myself a really cute workout top, in addition to birthday presents for next weekends birthday parties.  It was actually kind of fun hanging out with my daughter.  The little rug rat was giving me her two cents when I was trying on clothes and bras.  (as a side note: does anyone know when I'll get mine back?  Patrick is now done nursing and I'm still waiting...  a little help here)

I dropped Annaliese off at home and picked up the littlest kid and off I went grocery shopping.  I really really love grocery shopping.  It's so much fun.  I know, I hope I'm not making some of you sick with my dorkyness.  But I've been shopping at the same store for the past 5 years and they all know me.  Sure it helps that Mark's been working there almost 15 years (only once a week now though).  They are so sweet at Longo`s.  They cut open fruit to feed the kids, offer samples and run out their way to help!  So here is what I got for the week.  My pantry and freezer is well stocked so I didn't need any pasta/beans/lentils/beef/pork!  I also did a huge shop last week replenishing my baking supplies.  And yes I know we are spoiled but just remember that we don't spend a penny on take out... ever!!!!  


  1. Looks like you had a fun day! Longos is a great store, indeed. Cant wait to see what you will be baking.