Monday, February 21, 2011

Food: Good, Bad and Better

Well I knew it would, but my diet sure took a hit today.  Typically on Monday's I'm strict with what I eat.  I gave it an honest effort but alas, I am now eating a piece of Luke's chocolate Birthday cake with some hot tea.  I started the day off with the regular breakfast of oatmeal with hemp hearts(protein), drank my water and black coffee.  Then we decided that we would catch a movie with the whole family.  So I decided to bake some sugar free, protein packed cookies to bring along.
These contain: quinoi flour, wheat germ, hemp hearts,Roger's porridge, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chocolate chips, cocoa powder, cut dried apricots, agave, pured prunes, plain yogourt, vanilla  and a few other things.
I also made myself a bag of popcorn (brown paper bag + corn kernels= no fats).   I made lunch for us before we left, yay for leftovers.  Here was yesterday's diner, my family loves pate chinois (shepards pie), but it doesn't exactly fit into my eat clean, so I made a sweet potato, zucchini, and tofu version of pate chinois.  I browned the crumbled tofu with cocoa powder and onion.   

When I got to the movies I did manage to basically only eat my popcorn; I added a couple handfuls of the "movie theater popcorn" for some added indulgence but stuck to the plan.  I did put milk in my coffee and it was nice treat with my protein cookies.

So I'm slipping now.  I'm telling you!  I am eating a piece of chocolate cake on a Monday.  I am honest and accountable. 

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