Monday, February 14, 2011

Parties and Pantries today!

I think I'm going to start by saying....  My pantries all 4 of them are all crap free and organized and well stocked.  I think the Tosca Reno book has planted a bug in my brain because anytime I would stare at which ever pantry it was I would think to myself.." huh, I wonder how old that is? Am I every going to use it again? I wonder if Mark would notice if it wasn't there?"  So after putting the kids to bed and working a bit on my OEYC/ROCK healthy eating presentation, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and do a clean sweep of the cupboards and pantries.  And I'm telling you this feeling that I am experiencing is very outrageous.  I'm slightly giddy, kind of excited, very proud and I was really really close to taking pictures and posting it for you, but I couldn't find the camera.  I figure if I'm going to be giving out a "pantry list" handout at the seminar than I had better have a pretty darn awesome pantry.  It's kind of like I'm high.  Or could be that while composting all the sweetend hot powdered beverages, I inhaled a bit too much sugar powder.  ugggh!  But anyway, I kept some hot chocolate mix for Mark and the kids.  I did keep some icing sugar but stuck it in the deep freeze.  It's kind of one of those annoying things that you might need, even though I don't really ever want to need it.

Oh on a totally different side note, I was one of those stupid parents at Walmart at 7pm tonight buying Valentine cards because I totally forgot, until I was getting Annaliese's stuff in her bag and I saw the little memo reminding parents not to send candy to school.  So I did manage to find a set for less than 2 dollars, and I decided that it might be fun to add a little something to each card so I bought some party favours (actually just some stencils that could be used as a ruler or bookmark), kind of a fun idea -  So when I got home my poor daughter had to sign her super long name on 16 of them, she did well and even seriously improved - with some coaching- her letter formation :)

On the whole, today was a pretty awesome, yet stupid busy day.  This morning and afternoon was a party for William, Jen's son, and Lauren, Annaliese's best school friend.  My super handy/sexy husband managed to fix our broken toilet while the boys were naping, he rocks!,  So when Annaliese and I got back from Lauren's party we packed everyone up and went and returned the "new"/not needed toilet to Rona then picked up some groceries on the way home.  Since we missed pancake breakfast this morning, Mark offered to make them tonight, while I was playing with Annaliese in her room.  She needs tons of attention on weekends because she hardly gets to see us during the week.  I don't mind, I love hanging out with her, without the boys around.  It's fun setting up her Strawberry Shortcake stuff and playing doll house!  She loves all the same stuff I used to love doing as a kid.  Playing school teacher, doing workbooks, colouring and being surrounded by books.  I moved all her stuff to the top bunk this weekend and made her a little desk area in her closet and she is trilled to have her stuff "revamped".  I don't blame her.  I think you don't actually need new stuff to freshen up a space you just need to rework it.  I tend to move stuff around my house a lot.  I wonder if that's a function of being a stay at home mom?  Because I don't actually remember my parents ever moving stuff, they still rarely do.  (both my parent's worked) But my mom tells me that my grandmother always used to be moving stuff around? Could it be genetic?  I know it's early for spring cleaning... But I heard birds this morning.... Birds!!!!   and it's light out when I drive to the gym....   Yay!!!!!   spring is coming!

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