Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Exercise at 32 weeks pregnant!

Tonight as I hobbled into the house after my workout, I actually sat down on the couch and started researching the benefits of exercise in the third trimester...  Seriously, I would exercise anyway, but so many people are asking me why I still go to the gym, and feeling so tired, and achy... God I don't know!!!  Well I guess I do know why I personally go the gym, those reason are kind of messed up, but I'm glad to say that the research backs my neurotic tendencies!

So far this week:
Sunday:  108 Sun Salutations at PYC (took about 1:45) and I didn't miss a single one (I did a few modified)
Monday: 1 hour of body pump (resistance/weight training) and 1 hour of body flow (yoga, pilates and tai-chi)
Tuesday: 1 hour of body combat (martial arts inspired cardio)

Plan for the rest of the week:
Wednesday: 1 hour of body pump
Thursday: 1 hour of combat and then 1 hour of flow

Yes, I am sore.  But my muscles are sore from lactic acid build-up, from tearing and re-building.  I eat lots of protein and drink tons of water to help with the soreness.  Not to mention the nightly massage I get from someone special :D But what the point is, my joints aren't sore, my feet aren't swollen, my back doesn't hurt, my posture is still great, I walk with ease (even carrying the weight of a toddler around my mid-section) BECAUSE... da da da daaaa... I'm still strong!  

Some of the positive benefits that I personally get from going to the gym still (aside from noted above)...

 ENDORPHINS (Happy drugs!!!!  Ok but really -An endorphin is a natural pain reliever produced by the body in response to a number of factors. It binds to the parts of the nervous system that bind to morphine, relieving pain and frequently producing a natural high.)

SOCIAL - I love being around other similarly minded folks.  (we love to workout and have a great time doing it)  Plus carpooling helps with gas!

ESCAPE - Come on I have 3 kids, do you blame me for wanting to get out of the house everyday for a little bit of time. 

BALANCE - It truly helps to round out my day, sometimes changing poopy diapers and hanging out with pre-preschoolers all day makes me feel insignificant but getting out and connecting with my body increases my self esteem and it's a major part of my routine.  And the routine drives my life-fitness balance (ps check out the 3 part series on the blog). 

Ok I did mention that some of my reason are messed up and if you know me well you already know me, some of these involve personal punishment (sort of personal atonement), negative body image and  food issues (related to personal punishment).  But I try not to focus on these, I like the above mentioned ones!!!


  1. I can see how organized you are in spite of your pregnancy. That's how a preggy mom should do it! Pregnancy can sap your energy, but with the right exercise regimen, you can regain strength faster. BTW, how's the baby? Is it a girl or a boy?

    1. Hi Felix, my baby girl is doing great. She is now 3 and a half months. I still work out tons for all the same reasons and I am only a few lbs for my pre-pregnancy weight... Woot.

    2. A baby girl! :) It's good to know that she's doing great, Five Star Net. Just continue to exercise, you'll get back to your pre-pregnancy weight in no time, I guarantee you. I hope that you and your children are doing fine!

  2. I'm exercising too. 3 days a week body pump (or now called, core cardio and more), walking the rest of the week or just the elliptical at the gym. I did have to give up spin (too hot), running and any other higher impact classes. But I feel great too. I wish people would understand that helps with everything in pregnancy. My only fault is eating, I kinda let that go