Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Monday!

I swear my friends...  are so amazing!  They threw Luke a surprise birthday party this morning.  I had no idea and it was sooooo sweet.  I am humbled by their generosity and love.  Party's make cooler plan 1 (from the Tosca Reno's book) kind of hard, but I did it! (with the exception of one of my own homemade sugar free cookie and one mini zucchini chocolate muffin).  I have my piece of chocolate cake in the freezer and I am going to have it on Friday! - I'm not telling you which one or in what container in case... someone decides to try and steal it!  :) 

At this precise moment, I haven't a negative thought in my mind.  I am at peace, happy and content.  I loved my morning out, the boys had a nap and I watched House and folded some laundry, then I picked up Annaliese at school and came home and made pan seared fish (thanks Dad for the fish you caught), seasoned with kelp and lemon, steamed veggies and baked garlic french fries -I had baked yam fries.  After diner, I did Annaliese's french reading homework, then I was off to the gym for Attack and weights for an hour after that.  I came home, made a protein shake- sugar free- and here I am :)  With a totally dorky smile on my face!  I wonder if this is what clean eating will do to you????   I feel bloody fabulous.  I did read that really cutting out crap can actually counter depression.  Something for me to ponder.  Since I was successful with Cooler 1 today, I'll give it another go tomorrow.  I'll let you know how it goes.  If you are curious about what I can eat, just Google it!  That's how I learn everything :) 


  1. Little Goobers was super fun. Columbia and I ended up staying until 3:30 (closing time)

  2. Hey! In case you don't have this, it's an awesome cooler 1 checklist: There is a cooler 2 one too: