Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Day in My Life

Who gets told by 2 completely separate people at different times of the day, to stop drinking so much coffee.  Come on!!!!   I was informed; at the early years by a super cool outdoorsy kind of hippie dad (he made soy milk for us - fresh) that coffee is acid!  It corrodes your insides....  Uggg but how can I give up yet another addiction.  I squashed salt, neutralized sugar, cut out all processed foods and junk and I have seriously cut down on the amount of exercise I do at the gym.... But coffee???   I really don't drink that much, I average about 2 cups a day.  Then my massage therapist informed me that she was leaving finger prints on my gluts so that I must be dehydrated - I just did 2 hours of exercise and drank a liter of water??? Isn't that enough, not to mention the other 2 liters I had during the day!  She suggested that I switch to decaf?   Oh man!!!  I'm running out of safe addictions here.  What is a person with an addictive personally supposed to get addicted to? water? writing?  Come on!

ok rant over, moving on to the next topic that has flown into my mind like a butterfly...  I was thinking about my day in general, yesterday I had this plan that I was going to get a million things done all before 5!  So then just for kicks I thought I would type out what I did today.  Don't worry I won't include everything!  Just the stuff that makes me look awesome.  But first you need to know that sometimes, I actually lie down for a little siesta after lunch.  I mean I read Luke his stories and I practically put myself to sleep.  It doesn't happen very often but maybe once or twice a week I get a one hour nap! But ohhhhooooaaaa... it is so wonderful.  I think I should feel more guilty about telling everyone my little nap secret but I don't, I actually highly recommend it!   So there you have it people, I don't make money but when I really need it, I can have a short nap!  Seriously how much would you pay for a nap, in the middle of day, after snuggling with your cute little kid :)  Warm bed?   Ok back to the butterfly thought.

7:15 am - wake up because Luke is complaining that we forgot to leave the snack on the table for them
basically btw 7:30 -8:50  I - get my breakfast going (oatmeal and boiled eggs)
 - feed all kids and myself
- make Annaliese's lunch
- get all 3 kids changed and ready to go out (includes combing and tying up hair)                                        
- pack a snack for the morning out
- start unloading the dishwasher
- pack up the bag for the early years program I'm taking (coffee thermos the baked protein bars that I made last night and binder)
- get kids dressed to go outside and pack them in the van

9:00 am drop Annalise off at school
9:15 am pick up Jen and her kids because they need a ride!
9:30-11:30 am program at early years center with childminding :)
12:15 pm drop Jen back off at home
12:30 pm Patrick has fallen asleep so I put him to bed and eat leftover soup (that I made yesterday)
1:15 pm -Luke is napping and I lie down for a short nap (but then realize that today I'm supposed to do some work on my presentations so I haul my butt out of bed at 1:30)
1:45 pm -Patrick wakes up while I'm working in the kitchen (on my netbook for the presentation) I feed him and eat some humus and veggies, I've made a crockpot porridge to see if it's any good! and Patrick loves it!  that's his lunch today!
3:10 pm I wake up Luke and get the boys dressed and packed in the van
3:38 pm - I make in the school with 2 minutes to spare!
4:05ish pm - get home and turn on the oven to 425 and make a batch of fish sticks (from scratch - really only takes a few minutes longer!) bowl 1: whole wheat flour with kelp and chili powder; bowl 2: 2 eggs beaten with a bit of water; bowl 3: a couple tbsp of panko crumbs, 2 slices of bread - that I put in the toaster then crumbled in magic bullet, a scant handful of walnuts - in magic bullet to crush.  Dry off the fish, cut into thin strips, dunk in all three bowls (1,2,3), place on preachment lined baking sheet for 20 minutes (flip after 10).
4:20 pm -while I'm waiting for the fish to bake I read Annaliese her french books from school
4:50 pm -Kids are sitting at the table, chowing down on fish sticks, a small bowl of warm soy beans and a strawberry/ spinash yogourt milk shake!
Mark arrives and I run out of the house
5:17 pm - I arrived at Goodlife (not enough time to run! sadly!)
5:30 pm- pump class
6:30 pm - combat class
7:30pm - massage
9ish pm-  I make it home, help with clean up while making my yogurt bowl and tea (at this point I get to talk to Mark for a few minutes
10ish pm - turn on netbook and respond to some emails and start blogging!
11:30 pm- Done and getting ready for bed

Good Night!

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