Saturday, February 12, 2011

Holy Chocolate cake!

This isn't quite the cake I had, but close - the filling was whipped chocolate cream!
Dear Gods of the chocolate cake!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I cleaned my house for you!  I exercised all week and ate well and holy molly you were worth every ounce of effort.  I enjoyed a steaming cup of hot tea with you when all the children were sleeping.  I guess I should actually thank Columbia because this was the giant piece of chocolate cake that I could have eaten during Luke's birthday party, but instead kept to my cooler plans for the whole week.  (Tosca Reno's cooler 1 for mon/tues and cooler 2 wed/thur and a slightly more relaxed  cooler 2 today) I earned it!  Chocolate cake shouldn't be taken for granted, it should be truly savored.  Don't eat crappy cake when you could eat melt in your mouth, dark chocolate, caramel drizzled, and chocolate whipped cream filled cake!   I would do so much to appreciate a piece like this once in a while.  Here's the thing if you got this every day or even every week, the appreciating wouldn't be the same.  Absence makes the heart grow stronger.  With this type of cake, hell ya!  I could wait a few more weeks for a piece of heaven like this. 

So here's the thing, I'm not associating an immediate emotion with eating this cake, I am appreciating it's amazing taste.  I didn't eat this because I was sad, upset or stressed out.  I didn't eat this cake to relax me.  It was a driving motivation. I guess it was a reward.  And from what I understand about over eating, that's safe.  I had to earn it by doing really well all week!  Yay... I was totally a sticker motivated kind of kid, this is way better!  I guess it's safe to say, I'm proud of working so hard this week.  And I'm pretty darn happy that this was my reward. I don't feel guilty or crappy about indulging! (for once) 

What are your rewards for hard work?  Your special sometimes (blue moon) treat?

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