Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Revisit on my Happiness Goal

It's been a while since I've thought about "how happy am I?", so I think it's time to revisit this all important question.  Even though I have been feverishly studying about nutrition and health I did come across a very interesting website associate with a health food bar.  I could have just ate the bar called DrVieSports, but,  I was so thrilled by the ingredient lists, nutrition information and taste that I checked out the website.  How often have you done that with something you've eaten?   And low and behold I find a free 1 hour seminar video called  CODE of V.I.E. How to achieve happiness for life?
A video speaking about happiness.  It was perfect.  I am most certain that I needed a reminder about my goal.  I do want to be happier, and being healthy is a part of being happier (obviously), but what about my mental happiness and my actions?  For one I spent some time reflection on that "inner demon monologue" that I used to rant about.   And it occurred to me that since I've started working out "in man zone" I think I have more swagger in my step.  I tried something new and intimidating and rocked it.  This gave me the boost in my confidence that I needed to "tell my negative monologue TO SHUT UP!!!"  and I think it worked.  I think this ability is also paralleled in my ability to tell my muscles to shut up when they are screaming at me.  I've gained a sort of mental control, something that I had clearly lacked or lost (how ever you want it!) since having babies.  I will say that eating clean has given my body the ability to withstand the stupid hard workouts I put it through.  The thing is, I'm still learning the eat clean way and I'm also learning how to fit it into my family's lifestyle, because what I'm doing now, or implementing, is for life.  I am totally determined to always get better, do better and be happier.  My life is never going to be stagnant, God gave me this one life and I intend to do good things with it.  I have a family to take care of and in order to do that I need to take care of myself first.

I feel good that I have a goal.  But this goal isn't a smart goal! Sorry all my business friends out there, this goal is a lifelong goal, something that I will only know success when my time here is done.  And by the way this doesn't mean that I won't ever be able to enjoy "the moment" because I'd be living in a the-grass-is always-greener-on-the-other-side  mentality, totally the opposite, I will be happier and enjoying more moments than before.

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  1. I think you mention God in posts just to taunt me. In fact, I know you do. I'm not biting.