Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Permission to Shine!!!

I heard this idea of giving yourself "permission to shine" a couple of months ago.  I kind of filed it away in one of the dusty parts of my mind, probably the -' Like I'm ever going to do that' category.  But here I am thinking that now more than ever I seem to be living this idea.  I am allowing myself to be the best I can, I am doing it unashamedly and without any excuses.  I want to be a positive influence out there.  I want people to ask me questions, even if they are total strangers. I want to create positive change.

I do realize it is a fine line between having pride and giving yourself permission to shine.  But thing is, I've gotten so much amazing feedback that I wanted to send out a kudos, thank you everyone, thank you for taking the time to read this blog and share in my conflicts and successes, thank you for commenting and offering suggestions.  I look forward more than anything to reading your comments because it keeps me motivated, it has also helped me realize that I can shine.  As much as this is a one sided post, I feel so grateful to have your time and attention.   My hope is that by allowing myself to shine and being the best mom I can, being the healthiest and more importantly the happiest (still working on this angle) that I will touch people and they too will allow themselves the permission to shine and in turn we will all positively affect our community. 

I have been called inspirational by some of the followers of this blog and I sincerely thank you but I must confess that I too have my own inspirational people that have helped me on my journey.  So thank you so much Maxine and Andre for all your awesome help over the last year.  You two keep teaching me so much!  I shine because people around me shine.  I hope to bring out the best in the people around me, that is what shining is. 

Good luck and shine on! 


  1. Nat, thank you very much for shining a spotlight on me. :D It's brightened my day immensely.

    I'm glad the things I do and say have an impact on people, especially someone as dedicated, committed and human as you. You are also an inspiration to me, and those pancake plates, I mean, seriously, who could ever resist those. *drool*

  2. Hi Nat! You shine all the time; from your dedication to fitness, being super mom, and just from your personality. I am really touched that you mention me in this post. You inspire me too, and reading your blog will help me lose those 5 pounds I gained. Cheers!