Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday night Musings ( because I have kids and I don't go out anyore)

I've been kind of mulling the idea that kids are happier with less.  All they really want is attention.  They would play with a spoon all morning if you were following them around interacting with them.  I'm not saying that's what happens here (for one, I don't stay in the house in the morning, and second if I dropped onto the floor to follow one of my kids the other two would climb on top for a free horsey ride - then the kid being followed would want to climb on and well... all hell would break lose and my glasses would break, someone's head would get stepped on, hair pulled and you get the general picture.  If you think of it though, wouldn't you want someones undivided attention? Someone you loved and looked up too.  Stuff just gets in the way of really appreciating what is there and free and available.  Money and drama is such a relationship clutter-er.  I feel like I've brought my diet back to a basic level, eating wholesome, home-cooked, naturally clean foods and my body is very HAPPY because of it.  So now I think I need to clean up my relationships.   Bring the basics back into focus.  Appreciate what I have and be grateful and thankful.  I'm going to start now! 

I am so so lucky to have such a supportive  group of women in my life.  Every one of these beautiful mom's has such wonderful qualities to offer.  I am blessed that I have their love and friendship.  I want everyone to know that I didn't have this 2 years ago and honestly having these amazing ladies in my life has given me more than they will ever know.  My life has changed for the better in so many ways. 

These ladies are amazing and I love them to bits.       


  1. Love you too Nat <3

    Its not just kids! Adults are happier with less too! Less to clean, less clutter to take care of, less outside pressure,and more company and attention from those they love.

    Think of those sky high executives that have achieved all there is in their career, Or celebs with their fame, You can have all the money in the world... but without good friends and family to share it with... Its worthless. And if you have too much, it takes away from those that attention.

  2. I think the "rich people are miserable" myth was created to make poor people feel better about their lives. I love my life, more money would be nice is all I'm saying.

    Anyway, look how beautiful we all are in this picture! All my BFFs in kitty cat ears.

  3. This is exactly what I learned in India. I haven't purchased anything that I haven't just WANTED since August. We have so much to be thankful for!