Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday is Pizza and Movie Night!

 Around here, when Mark goes to work at Longo's the kids are programed to know that it's movie night.  Which means I don't have to worry too much about diner table rules, the kids get to stay up a bit later and I use up all the leftovers in the fridge on our pizza.  The bonus of tonight's pizza night is that my brother Ian came over for a visit.  The kids were so excited, they love their "Monka Ian" (aka: Mon Oncle Ian).  I'm so happy when the kids get to visit with family.  I really want them to know that other people truly love them and will always be their for them. My family does live quite far away and I do have to say that I am really blessed to have such an amazing group of friends that my kids would always have people around them who love them.  I'm thinking of tonight's phone msg from Columbia letting me know that Luke and Zoe are betrothed, I'm still smiling about that.  It's too cute.  So anyway here are some pictures from tonight. 

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