Saturday, February 5, 2011


I don't feel sick anymore but I've been really tired these last couple of days.  Coupled with my cravings for junk food.  I wonder if it all started on Wednesday when I had that piece of chocolate on my downer day?  As I reflect I realize that I have no problem eating super healthy.  This morning I had my oatmeal bowl (hemp hearts, chia seeds, banana, nutmeg and chopped walnuts) with 4 egg whites, for snack I had my hummus and veggies, for lunch and diner I had bowls of chili and rice soup.  I also snacked on an apple slices dipped in natural peanut butter and greek yogourt with a bit of agave nectar- sooo good by the way.  But today I also had a piece of ice cream cake and 2 natej (which are like a custard tart).  Wow talk about junk food overload for one day.  Perhaps because I don't get a lot of sugar when I do my insulin spikes and I am very sensitive to the drop in my blood sugar because all I want to do is sleep.  It's interesting but I want to blame Mark for diet sabotage when he brought home these custard tarts, but really the issue is that I have no self control.  To live this healthy lifestyle I've been given props by a lot of people because my family eats so healthy but really it's because I would eat any and all junk food if it was in the house (when the temptations hits).  If Mark wants cookies, I tell him they have to stay in the trunk of his car so that I don't see them.   I also don't buy stuff for the kids that I wouldn't eat (in terms of sugar and salt content) so that way I don't have to be worried about being tempted.  And it's also a very good thing that we have no extra money to spend on take out (even though I know how ikky most of it is) I know I would indulge every now and then if the cash was available.  (my weakness is the gingerbread molasses cookie from Starbucks)  In many ways I wouldn't eat the junk food it was around but what I'm curious about is, what triggers the temptations.  Why would I let Mark sabotage my diet?  When actually he was just trying to do a nice thing.  It's seems so stupid really, I'm honestly trying to think of what is triggering this need to eat junk food (or cake) and I can't come up with anything.  Should I be able to know what is going on in my own mind?  Other than I'm feeling tired and I am tempted by sugar as an "upper", I have nothing.  I guess I should sleep more so that I crave less junk.  Monday I'll be doing Cooler 1 from Tosca's book!  wish me luck!


  1. The moral of the story is that you need more sugar, so that you can desensitize yourself from the insulin spikes.

    Seriously though, you exude self-control. Just give yourself a break.

  2. 2 tarts and a slice of ice cream 1-2 days in a row will not make a difference in weight gain, but if you ate like that everyday it would. we all go through phases like this so don't worry about it. after travelling 2 months and being very lenient with my diet, i have only gained 5 pounds, which is not that much. good luck with cooler 1. let me know how it goes.