Monday, February 28, 2011

Stream of Conscious Thoughts (and some summer pictures)

Well if I was to give myself a score out of 10 for eating clean today it would be 10/10, but I was aiming for Cooler 1.  I was so close... till about 2 then I gave in and had some buckwheat and for diner some whole grain rice.  I guess for cooler 1: I would give myself a 7/10, not terrible, still a pass = manicure.  I definitely eat less than cooler 2 but still struggle with cooler 1 (I like that Maxine calls it 1.5 when she works out).  I did eat gluten free all day (sort of, oatmeal doesn't count).  It's kind of funny actually because, here I am critiquing myself for not sticking to the plan, and all I've done is eat extra healthy food.  Well I did do attack so I did burn a few extra calories. 

I'll aim for the same tomorrow to get my pedicure.  Four prizes (mani/pedi, dark chocolate and strawberries).  I actually bought the wagjag coupon a while ago but it seems like a good time to use it up.  I'm using it as motivation.  Oh God... I totally forgot, I will be eating out tomorrow.  It's Mark's birthday and we are going to Tucker's marketplace.  Well I guess I'll be loading up on veggies and meat.  Tosca does go through a chapter in her book (recharged) about eating out so I'll have to review before leaving the house.  She is ok with celebrations and actually encourages them.  She saves treats and deserts to these specific times (real celebrations of accomplishments or birthdays).  So I guess I'll be ok, as long as I can keep the goals in mind.  Eat clean, just because it's available doesn't mean I should eat it and have fun!  

Ah yes and speaking of fun I met my trainer today, Jeff.  He is an elite trainer and been doing this for the past 4 years.  I will be seeing him every Monday for the next 6 weeks.  I'm really excited to finally get a good plan for lean muscle building to increase my Base Metabolic Rate (BMR).  It basically means that I will get to eat more, and if you know me.  I'm a foodie through and through. Next week I will be getting all those fun measurement done and so I'll post them as a way to keep myself motivated and honest.  He does know that I am trying to get pregnant so when he works on my workout plans he will note the modifications that I might need to know,  How cool is that!!!  What a nice guy.  So in case you are wondering what I told him about my terrible last week.  Well I called it a taper.  I actually didn't get into a discussion about ovulation with poor Jeff; that will have to wait till at least week 4! teehee... Truly it's not that I did nothing all last week, I did hot yoga, lots of dancing and bootcamp (that count's for something).

Now just as a random thought.... How different would my life be if I didn't drink the one large coffee I have a day???  Really????   I only drink decaf tea (lots of it), so really the only caffeine I'm getting is from cocoa powder/chocolate and the one coffee.  Plus one coffee a day is good.  I'm sure there are tons of studies proving that...  So I won't be drinking the pot of coffee that I used to, but 1 large coffee is ok in my books!  Ohh ohhh.... I finally found that Mohito tea that my mom had.  It was a Walmart (I know I shouldn't shop at big box stores... but they carry the yogourt I buy for the kids, and the giant bags of frozen berries I love).  I can't wait to make it into ice tea this summer when it gets hot out!.....  ahhhh heat, summer...sun.... and I leave you thinking about my happy place...  summer on my back deck sitting among the fruits, veggies and herbs.   Happy thoughts. 

Red seedless grapes on our pergola.

Potato and onion pancakes with avocado/tahini spread.  Cucumbers and grapes from our garden as well as the potato, onion and herbs in pancakes.

Bread cooking in dutch oven on BBQ.

Some of our daily bounty in the late summer.

Mark showing how high the raspberries reached last summer.


  1. Do you make your tahini from scratch?

  2. Awesome garden, seriously!

  3. Hey Max, no I don't make it from scratch just buy it organic.

    Oh and Cara, thank you and about the hot yogourt bowl... I only nuke the berries (about a cup) for about 4 minutes and I add the greek yogourt to it!