Friday, February 25, 2011

Kitchen Dance Party! (my poor neighbours)

Tonight I got the kids to bed by 7:30, I did that because I didn't let Luke take a nap today and I knew that Annaliese would be exhausted by tonight (being friday).  It was awesome, I caught up on email, watched my PVR'd  Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.  Then I downloaded a bunch of songs onto my ipod that I've knew I could dance around the kitchen to.  And I did, while loading the dishwasher and cleaning counters I was shaking my booty.  Oh yes, I'm sure my neigbours totally witnessed this atrocity, but I think I'm an exhibitionist in the closet.  I may not be able to dance, but the idea that someone might see me, doesn't make me stop, it makes me enjoy the moment, that much more.  I would like people to know that dancing is FUN! Loosen up!  I might care what people think about some things, but dancing isn't one of those thing. 

Is it wrong to want to dance at a club? I have 3 kids?  I know Mark thinks: it's stupid but who want dance with me??? (Catherine you planted this seed, I'm guessing we'll be going eventually :)

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