Thursday, February 24, 2011

I am Greatful for... (in no particular order)

1) Sam and Sherry for helping me remember why I love hot yoga so much.

2) Jen who watched Luke for a while today so I could hit up the second hand store and pick up 4 totally awesome shirts at 2$ each.

3) Debbie who takes the time to teach all of us how to be better parents

4) Damien, Catherine and Steve (and Jen): my table at our parent group for making learning hard lessons so much easier, by sharing stories and opening their hearts to me and the rest of the group

5) Columbia who cares about keeping us all happy

6) Twister before lunch!  How many people get to play twister during the daytime, it was fun - Ok well I did win so that made it more fun for me this time :)

7) Discovering that Tim's will put two different tea bags in an extra large tea, Green Tea and Cinnamon Apple!!!!  soooo yummy!  Bonus: Roll up the rim means spring is soon! 

8) An awesome lunch that I didn't have to cook or clean up after!  Thank you Jen! 

9) Such amazing feedback about my lifestyle and hobbies (health, fitness and nutrition) Thank you to everyone who comments and sends me emails, I love reading every single one of them. 

10) Hugs and Kisses and tons of love from my kids and husband! 

I could keep going on and on, I am blessed to have such an amazing village of people that shine in my life,  but 10 is good for one night.  I think it's easier think happy, be happy when you actually reflect of the specific good things during the day.  

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