Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Carrot and the Massage.

Today I was supposed to get a massage, the first one in a very long time.  It was originally booked for last Wednesday but since we had that crazy snow storm I rescheduled it for today.  I was so excited, I've been thinking about this for the last two weeks.  Last Tuesday I worked extra hard at the gym thinking "it's ok I'm getting a massage", today I did the same thing.  I did weights for about an hour then did a bootcamp for 45 stupid grueling minutes.  I have to say... owwww- ouch- owww but all good pain.  I honestly looked at the clock 3 or 4 times thinking, "when do we get a rest?when does the music stop or change? dear heaven this is nuts".  But I gave it more than I thought I could, because I kept telling myself  "I'm getting a one hour massage when this is done".  I gave it everything-no options- all toes!  (this means I never put my knees down to rest - in the pushups, burpees, mountain climb, "funky knee on elbow pushups" and planks). I imagine you are getting the picture of this class. 

So you can imagine my immediate chagrin when I found out that Kate didn't have me booked for tonight.  But that quickly dissipated when I rescheduled for tomorrow after combat.  So here we go again, as soon as I found out that I would be getting a massage tomorrow I'm already making a plan in my head how I can kill myself at the gym before the 1 hour massage.  I would love to get to the gym at 5 pm, run for 30 minutes, then do the pump class, then do combat!  That way... I will have totally earned that massage.  Besides I worked upper body today so I need to work out my legs tomorrow!  I'll have to see if this is going to workout with Mark's schedule of course, but mom and dad are down to watch Ian (my brother) swim at OUA in Guelph so they might be around.  All I have to do is pick up Annaliese from school, do her reading with her, cook diner and leave by 4:50!  (I do intend on eating, don't worry!) I always eat.
This is a chocolate covered carrot!  :)  But chocolate covered bacon would make more people run I think! 

And speaking of eating... I would have to say that I really can push myself when I see a carrot.  Apparently the carrot on the stick works for me :)  I wonder how I can actually use this knowledge to my benefit.  I know it can get hard to push out of your comfort zone at the gym, but what could be my carrot (other than a massage that I might get once a month)?  Any ideas or suggestions that have worked for you in the past when trying to get past a plateau!   What motivated you?

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