Thursday, June 2, 2011

Backyard Bliss

We have decided to facelift, well I guess it's called landscape our entire backyard.  It's our favorite spot in the world to be with our family and so we had had enough of the creeping charlie that is taking over every square inch of our grass and is now trying to invade our garden.  We were also getting tiered of the kids feet being covered in mud (from under the swing set) so we are going to be putting in sand.  I really hope this doesn't turn into the neighborhood kitty litter box! Blah!

Creeping charlie.

Mark takes such pride in his gardening skills so it was very annoying to him to be bested by a weed, I don't think I really cared either way.  Shh don't tell him, but I kind of liked the little purple flower on the creeping charlie! Either way, in case we didn't have enough work to do around here, now we are about to rip out the sod (already started), lay down more soil to raise the back corner of the yard, put gravel then sand under the play structure, add pea stone beside the shed and possibly around my herb garden (depends on how I think it might look) and add new sod to the rest of the yard.  Fun stuff. 

Oh ya I almost forgot, since we will be picking all these products up ourselves (to save money) we also have to add a hitch to the back of the van so we can borrow my dad's trailer.

So at some point this summer we will sit down in the shade of our grape vines, that we planted, on the deck with the pergola, Mark built; enjoying the veggies from our garden, Mark planted and I cooked ...and we will look at the weed free lawn we have.  It will be great!  And while we are sitting for that brief amount of time, you better believe Mark and I will be coming up with our next big project.  Since isn't that what home ownership is all about...  one project after the next :D   (ps. probably windows)

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