Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Down Time.

I know I have tons of work to do but today after my workout, I grabbed my hot yogourt bowl of berries and parked it on the couch for a little "me time".  Ok well I did fold a basket of laundry (but only 1).  Laws of physics right, what goes up must come down.  Me included, I get tons of stuff done all day everyday, that eventually I just can't do anything anymore.  So here's the thing, this is a different kind of "me time".  I am not being productive, I catch up on some pvr tv and that's about it.  You might think that going to the gym  4 times a week is "me time", but in my mind going to the gym doesn't actually count.  Do you consider brushing your teeth "me time"?, of course not... because it's something non-negotiable that has to get done.  That's how I feel about exercise.  Sure I push the envelope, but even if I don't really want to leave the house, I go.  I get my butt to the gym, and even if at first my head isn't into the game, I fake it till I make it.

Well I did waste an enjoyable hour and half.  Now I need to whip up a batch of something to bring to my parenting group tomorrow.  I know I don't have too, but I am totally a creature of routine and habit.  It funny but now that I think about it, baking for Thursday morning is kind of a weekly marker.  I've been really strict with my food mon-wed and now thurs I can lighten it up a bit and have some baked goodies (well mine at least).  Wow that makes me sound like a snob, but the thing is, I know exactly how much sugar, oil and other ingredients went into my baked goods so I don't have to guess and then wonder how I'm going to feel.  I believe that since I have seriously cut back on crap food, I have adopted a new sensitivity to how different foods make me feel.  And yes Jen... I think I will cut back on coffee, I'm pretty sure that's what was upsetting my stomach today!  darn.... I really do have a love affair going on with my java.    


  1. Good for you for bringing your own baked stuff and yes, your body can become sensitive to certain ingredients. I had a one bit cupcake that had Coke Zero in it and got the worse headache after.
    Coffee is soooooooooooooo good. Do you refuse to talk to anyone until you have had your first cup? You are too happy and cheerful to be a grump like me!

  2. LOL... No I don't think my addiction is timed, I need to have had some type of coffee by noon and then the day will be good. I think I go for hot beverages when I get stressed out, it's more of a comfort for me.