Monday, February 28, 2011

Stream of Conscious Thoughts (and some summer pictures)

Well if I was to give myself a score out of 10 for eating clean today it would be 10/10, but I was aiming for Cooler 1.  I was so close... till about 2 then I gave in and had some buckwheat and for diner some whole grain rice.  I guess for cooler 1: I would give myself a 7/10, not terrible, still a pass = manicure.  I definitely eat less than cooler 2 but still struggle with cooler 1 (I like that Maxine calls it 1.5 when she works out).  I did eat gluten free all day (sort of, oatmeal doesn't count).  It's kind of funny actually because, here I am critiquing myself for not sticking to the plan, and all I've done is eat extra healthy food.  Well I did do attack so I did burn a few extra calories. 

I'll aim for the same tomorrow to get my pedicure.  Four prizes (mani/pedi, dark chocolate and strawberries).  I actually bought the wagjag coupon a while ago but it seems like a good time to use it up.  I'm using it as motivation.  Oh God... I totally forgot, I will be eating out tomorrow.  It's Mark's birthday and we are going to Tucker's marketplace.  Well I guess I'll be loading up on veggies and meat.  Tosca does go through a chapter in her book (recharged) about eating out so I'll have to review before leaving the house.  She is ok with celebrations and actually encourages them.  She saves treats and deserts to these specific times (real celebrations of accomplishments or birthdays).  So I guess I'll be ok, as long as I can keep the goals in mind.  Eat clean, just because it's available doesn't mean I should eat it and have fun!  

Ah yes and speaking of fun I met my trainer today, Jeff.  He is an elite trainer and been doing this for the past 4 years.  I will be seeing him every Monday for the next 6 weeks.  I'm really excited to finally get a good plan for lean muscle building to increase my Base Metabolic Rate (BMR).  It basically means that I will get to eat more, and if you know me.  I'm a foodie through and through. Next week I will be getting all those fun measurement done and so I'll post them as a way to keep myself motivated and honest.  He does know that I am trying to get pregnant so when he works on my workout plans he will note the modifications that I might need to know,  How cool is that!!!  What a nice guy.  So in case you are wondering what I told him about my terrible last week.  Well I called it a taper.  I actually didn't get into a discussion about ovulation with poor Jeff; that will have to wait till at least week 4! teehee... Truly it's not that I did nothing all last week, I did hot yoga, lots of dancing and bootcamp (that count's for something).

Now just as a random thought.... How different would my life be if I didn't drink the one large coffee I have a day???  Really????   I only drink decaf tea (lots of it), so really the only caffeine I'm getting is from cocoa powder/chocolate and the one coffee.  Plus one coffee a day is good.  I'm sure there are tons of studies proving that...  So I won't be drinking the pot of coffee that I used to, but 1 large coffee is ok in my books!  Ohh ohhh.... I finally found that Mohito tea that my mom had.  It was a Walmart (I know I shouldn't shop at big box stores... but they carry the yogourt I buy for the kids, and the giant bags of frozen berries I love).  I can't wait to make it into ice tea this summer when it gets hot out!.....  ahhhh heat, summer...sun.... and I leave you thinking about my happy place...  summer on my back deck sitting among the fruits, veggies and herbs.   Happy thoughts. 

Red seedless grapes on our pergola.

Potato and onion pancakes with avocado/tahini spread.  Cucumbers and grapes from our garden as well as the potato, onion and herbs in pancakes.

Bread cooking in dutch oven on BBQ.

Some of our daily bounty in the late summer.

Mark showing how high the raspberries reached last summer.

Cheers to an Awesome Upcoming Week!!!!

My thoughts on this past week kind of suck.  But last week, was just that, LAST week.  Who cares about it now.  When I wake up in the morning it's going to be a new week.  Full of hundreds of opportunities to practice clean eating and workouts that make me want to puke.  I am in the process of physicking  myself up, let see... Perhaps last week I didn't have a prize in mind for the end of the week.  This week I'm going to treat myself to and mani-pedi while eating dark chocolate and strawberries.  ***sighing and smiling *** at this moment.  I think it's going to work for me.  I know... the carrot issue once again, but for some reason I'm having a hard time motivating myself.  I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that we are trying to get pregnant and I keep thinking, "well when I'm pregnant I can eat that much more".  Truth is it's only like 300 extra calories a day, but it's the idea of more food that I like.

Which reminds me, I going to be meeting with a trainer tomorrow,  I get him for 7 sessions.  I have high expectations for these 7 hours.  I want to learn how to increase my base metabolic rate by putting in less hours at the gym.  I know I'll have to lift heavy weights and I'm ok with that.  I just want to eat more, I really like food and when I'm doing cooler 1 I really feel like I'm missing out (only one cup of oatmeal a day and one sweet potato).  Cooler 2 is much more do-able.  Today for lunch I had, water, a cup of half decaf black coffee, 2 pieces of Ezekiel bread with a clean egg salad sandwich (made with greek yogourt vs cottage cheese) and a bowl of leftover carrot salad from last night.  But the good thing about my fridge right now is that it is now filled with clean left overs and fresh fruit and veggies.  What a good way to start that week. 

ps. I need to sign up for something, I really need a real carrot.  Like a race or something. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Leftovers, Spring Cleaning and Detox

Just a moment ago I was sitting on the couch holding my steaming cup of tea, thinking about what to type about.  Mark was offering suggestions on topics, babies (because we just finished watching the documentary), cheap hugs (because Luke made up a teaser hug to get our goat), the bird (our turkey diner tonight in honour of Mark's big 29th birthday this Tuesday), but nothing really appealed to me, except the fact that my fridge is now filled with leftovers.  Wednesday's pasta, Thursday's chili, Friday's pizza (only one slice though) and now tonight's feast.  I am actually very proud that I've been able to use up all the fresh food I bought last Sunday.  My pantry is well stocked and if I was in a pinch we wouldn't have to actually go shopping for another week, because we have enough milk to get us by.  If I was smart I would freeze lunch sized portions for Mark.  (I'll get there)

I'm honestly not sure why this topic is on my mind, talking about babies or hugs seem like they would inspire more attention, but nope.  Food it is.  I've been working really hard at being on top of my pantries and freezers.  I am constantly putting stuff to freeze so it preserve longer, and taking out food and thawing it so I can incorporate it in with the fresh stuff we buy at Longo's.  I am working of emptying the basement chest freezer because I'm getting excited for summer to finally be here.  Farmer's market opens May 1st.  Two months away.  Our can rack, which holds our tomatoes sauces and fruit preserves is also getting emptier.

This is kind of like a spring cleaning for me.  Doesn't spring cleaning make you happy?  It sure makes me happy, the idea of freshening up rooms, moving stuff around, getting rid of junk (donating) and the end result...  a clean, uncluttered room and if we are lucky... the closet. 

Now getting back to food, I've noticed a lot of people at the gym talking about doing a "self" spring cleaning.  A detox: no dairy, no wheat, no coffee or sugar.  I have never done this, I'm kind of curious what all the hype is about.  I am not one to go along with fads just because "they are cool".  But I am going to investigate this idea of rebooting your digestive system because I have essentially done this with my tastes buds over the last year, so why not give my insides some consideration.  I am healthy, but health is always a spectrum, and I think you can always be healthier.  My only concern would be that if I limit myself so stringently I might swing back the other direction when I'm done my detox. ???

Has anyone ever done a detox? How long was it? Did it help? Give you a lot of gas? Did you binge when you were done?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Kitchen Dance Party! (my poor neighbours)

Tonight I got the kids to bed by 7:30, I did that because I didn't let Luke take a nap today and I knew that Annaliese would be exhausted by tonight (being friday).  It was awesome, I caught up on email, watched my PVR'd  Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.  Then I downloaded a bunch of songs onto my ipod that I've knew I could dance around the kitchen to.  And I did, while loading the dishwasher and cleaning counters I was shaking my booty.  Oh yes, I'm sure my neigbours totally witnessed this atrocity, but I think I'm an exhibitionist in the closet.  I may not be able to dance, but the idea that someone might see me, doesn't make me stop, it makes me enjoy the moment, that much more.  I would like people to know that dancing is FUN! Loosen up!  I might care what people think about some things, but dancing isn't one of those thing. 

Is it wrong to want to dance at a club? I have 3 kids?  I know Mark thinks: it's stupid but who want dance with me??? (Catherine you planted this seed, I'm guessing we'll be going eventually :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I am Greatful for... (in no particular order)

1) Sam and Sherry for helping me remember why I love hot yoga so much.

2) Jen who watched Luke for a while today so I could hit up the second hand store and pick up 4 totally awesome shirts at 2$ each.

3) Debbie who takes the time to teach all of us how to be better parents

4) Damien, Catherine and Steve (and Jen): my table at our parent group for making learning hard lessons so much easier, by sharing stories and opening their hearts to me and the rest of the group

5) Columbia who cares about keeping us all happy

6) Twister before lunch!  How many people get to play twister during the daytime, it was fun - Ok well I did win so that made it more fun for me this time :)

7) Discovering that Tim's will put two different tea bags in an extra large tea, Green Tea and Cinnamon Apple!!!!  soooo yummy!  Bonus: Roll up the rim means spring is soon! 

8) An awesome lunch that I didn't have to cook or clean up after!  Thank you Jen! 

9) Such amazing feedback about my lifestyle and hobbies (health, fitness and nutrition) Thank you to everyone who comments and sends me emails, I love reading every single one of them. 

10) Hugs and Kisses and tons of love from my kids and husband! 

I could keep going on and on, I am blessed to have such an amazing village of people that shine in my life,  but 10 is good for one night.  I think it's easier think happy, be happy when you actually reflect of the specific good things during the day.  

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Peanut Butter and Ovulation

I swear I was ready to eat the whole peanut butter jar tonight.  It's totally clean, too much fat, but still clean.  No sugar, organic, no preservatives and I was licking it off the spoon like it was toffee.  So I made peanut butter cookies.  Now the thing is I wanted to try something different, so I boiled some water, pitted 4 dates and added some boiling water to the dates (ran it in the magic bullet), added the pureed dates to the cup of peanut butter, I added some Roger's porridge and a bit of whole wheat flour.  Popped it in the over (350F) for 9 minutes, and got cute little bite sized peanut butter cookies.  I have to say I really did enjoy eating the raw batter of those cookies.  For the next batch, I added some egg whites, agave, more whole wheat flour, baking soda and and the rest of the quinois we had from diner.  I spooned this sticky mixture onto the parchment paper and topped it with a combo of chopped dark chocolate and cocoa nibs (for added nutrients). For tomorrow I'm going to try a black bean brownie sweetened with soaked and pureed dates (since they were out). 

So It occurred to me, what the hell is going on with my body.  It's like an alien has invaded.  All I want to do is eat, eat, eat and crawl into bed.  I'm moody, cranky and have very little patience.   Then it bloody occurred to me, thanks to this blog here, that I was going through a very similar mood about 3 weeks ago.  What is going on?  Well I guess it doesn't take a brilliant scientist to figure out, wow I haven't had more than 3 full cycles in a row for the past 5 (going on 6) years.  My body is truly messed up, but here it is.  I am the most miserable ovulating woman I know.  Which is so counter-intuitive it's silly.  And made me chuckle out loud earlier today.  I am really not used to hormone fluctuations and now that I know that it really does mess me up, I can try to make it better.  I briefly did some reading and it basically said, limit sugar/gluten/coffee and get lots of rest and exercise.  Well I do most of that, but now I feel that even if I didn't have a reason to be even more healthy before, now I do.  I don't want to feel like this next month (or in 3 weeks) so I'm going to plan on eating much much better than I did this time around.  Now that will work, unless I get pregnant. 

So just in case you zoned out, I basically just gave myself a get out of jail free card this time Next month I'm going to kick this mood in the ass with good food and exercise.  No more moping and eating peanut butter out of the jar. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Blues.

It must have started with that evil piece of chocolate cake yesterday because I have been craving crabs like no tomorrow.  I've had 3 berry smoothies and a giant bag of plain popcorn (the one that I make in the brown paper bag in the microwave). I even put hemp hearts in one of the smoothies to try to up the protein to decrease the cravings...but nope... I want to eat, eat, eat.   During the day I was good, I stuck to cooler plan 1,... until tonight.

Mark is out at a Hockey game.  Go Leafs Go!!!!  And I'm really happy that he's having a good time with his buddy Ryan.  But it has now been 2 days of missed gym and I am losing my mind.  I had prepared the kids to go out to the gym tonight, the plan was to: pick up Annaliese, have diner (brown rice was in the steamer already), just add the broccoli and throw the sausage on the BBQ, pack up and leave to go the the gym.  I literally sounded like Dora on the way home from Annaliese's school.  Get home, eat super, go to gym!  But by the time the sausage made it onto the BBQ, Luke and Annaliese had already had 3 meltdowns.  So I had to re-asses.  Going to the gym would most likely be a bad idea with such tiered kids.  A long weekend with not enough naps will do that to my kids.  So I sucked it up and skipped the gym.  We had diner, played in the basement, had baths and read stories.  All 3 kids were in tucked in and sleeping by 7:30 (a bloody record).  So it really was a good thing I didn't go to the gym because they would have been coming home at 8pm.  But crap I am suffering for it.  I wish oh wish I was one of those work out at home kind of people.  But, instead I fold 4 loads of laundry, empty and fill the dishwasher twice!, clean the kitchen and tidy the house.  Now I'm watching the Biggest Loser on pvr and craving crabs.   I have to tell you that when I workout I eat much much better than when I don't.  It's a strange thing that happens in my brain.  I crave crap when I feel like crap, I crave super healthy food when I'm working out and feeling healthy.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Food: Good, Bad and Better

Well I knew it would, but my diet sure took a hit today.  Typically on Monday's I'm strict with what I eat.  I gave it an honest effort but alas, I am now eating a piece of Luke's chocolate Birthday cake with some hot tea.  I started the day off with the regular breakfast of oatmeal with hemp hearts(protein), drank my water and black coffee.  Then we decided that we would catch a movie with the whole family.  So I decided to bake some sugar free, protein packed cookies to bring along.
These contain: quinoi flour, wheat germ, hemp hearts,Roger's porridge, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chocolate chips, cocoa powder, cut dried apricots, agave, pured prunes, plain yogourt, vanilla  and a few other things.
I also made myself a bag of popcorn (brown paper bag + corn kernels= no fats).   I made lunch for us before we left, yay for leftovers.  Here was yesterday's diner, my family loves pate chinois (shepards pie), but it doesn't exactly fit into my eat clean, so I made a sweet potato, zucchini, and tofu version of pate chinois.  I browned the crumbled tofu with cocoa powder and onion.   

When I got to the movies I did manage to basically only eat my popcorn; I added a couple handfuls of the "movie theater popcorn" for some added indulgence but stuck to the plan.  I did put milk in my coffee and it was nice treat with my protein cookies.

So I'm slipping now.  I'm telling you!  I am eating a piece of chocolate cake on a Monday.  I am honest and accountable. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Good and Better!

Today we actually made it to church in time!  And other than chatting with some other parents who have extremely loud kids, the other thing I really got out of the whole thing was "love your enemy'.  Gakkk, how are you supposed to do that? First of all I'm not sure why my enemy hates me. (*rhetorical) I guess I can understand that everyone is a product of their past and can only do the best they can with what tools they have been given. I guess some people's tool kits is kind of crummy.  But am I not, trying to build up a better tool kit?  I'm trying everyday to learn about parenting with empathy, about health and wellness so that I can pass the best onto my children.

I am a firm and true believer in the "do better" philosophy.  Why stay stagnant? Or settle.  Good is ok, but better is just that, better!!!  Sure it's not absolute, but it means that you are always striving for self improvement.  I think that as long as you can appreciate what you have in your life and you are trying to better YOURSELF... and not your stuff!  Do better, leads me to realize that "love your enemy", is a monumental task but it's something that I should strive for.  I'm sure tons of people are always striving for something better, for me I can just add it to the list. 

Can you imagine the piece of mind, the freedom to feel like you aren't a victim of someone else's hate.  I mean a victim (in your own mind).  We all have so much power within ourselves.  We let our mind dictate what we should and should not do or say, what we are scared of, what physical limits we are comfortable with, and how we react to perceived situations.  For example, "get off the computer and do a hand stand in your living room!, GO NOW!".  What type of reaction did you get to that comment.  What did your mind immediately tell you!  - she's kidding, you can't do that, it's to dangerous, I'll fall and get hurt, is she nuts, does she want me stand on my hands??? 

Our brains are designed to protect us!  Smart feature, if we are running from lions or trying to fight off hungry bears.  But we live in a different time now, we don't have to be slaves to that automatic protection.  Meaning "love your enemy", seems as stupid as "do a hand stand right now!", but it's kind of the same reaction that I'm having to it.  My mind is trying to protect me from harm.  My mind knows that if I engage my enemy, feelings will be hurt, tension and stress and inevitable.  My mind knows it wont be easy and who knows what will befall.  But sometimes you just need to trust in something right.  Trust in the process of goodness.  In my case, trust in God and in my "do better" philosophy.  Step 1 of goal: facing fear and not go running in the other directions!  
(ps, I tried the hand stand and got two feet off the ground but it wasn't pretty, just silly!) and now I'm smiling because of it.)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Highlight of the Day: Chocolate Fondue

Isn't chocolate great!  Everything in moderation, and sure you should moderate moderation but when you can share such a wonderful treat with awesome people.  Indulge :) 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday is Pizza and Movie Night!

 Around here, when Mark goes to work at Longo's the kids are programed to know that it's movie night.  Which means I don't have to worry too much about diner table rules, the kids get to stay up a bit later and I use up all the leftovers in the fridge on our pizza.  The bonus of tonight's pizza night is that my brother Ian came over for a visit.  The kids were so excited, they love their "Monka Ian" (aka: Mon Oncle Ian).  I'm so happy when the kids get to visit with family.  I really want them to know that other people truly love them and will always be their for them. My family does live quite far away and I do have to say that I am really blessed to have such an amazing group of friends that my kids would always have people around them who love them.  I'm thinking of tonight's phone msg from Columbia letting me know that Luke and Zoe are betrothed, I'm still smiling about that.  It's too cute.  So anyway here are some pictures from tonight. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baked Goodies Day!

Today was an awesome day, sure I didn't get to the gym (which sucks) but I had a great morning out with my mommy group.  People seem to like the veggie chocolate muffins I brought in.  I'm not sure why other people like them, but I do because they are chocolaty with very little sugar (well none actually only about 2 tbsp of agave nectar for a batch of 16 muffins).  I added zucchini and spinach, oatmeal, coconut, sunflower seeds and frozen cranberries.  It still always surprises me when people give me a thumbs up, actually I would say half the time I don't believe them, but then I see them going back for more! Huh...  I guess because two of the most influential people in my life right now, won't eat them.  Mark hates when I bake with banana (the smell makes him gag) and Jen thinks I don't use enough sugar.  Fair enough.  Your taste buds are what they are.  But I'm not out to reboot everyone's taste buds, I just want people to know that other options are out there.  You don't have to be afraid to experiment in the kitchen.  The thing with me, I want to make food that I feel good about eating and that I know are good for my kids.  Patrick ate 2 of the muffins for his lunch.  Do you think I cared???  Heck no... that's awesome, normally I can't get zucchini in that kid. (unless it's in the soup and pureed)

Tonight I feel like I'm starving.  I know I'm not, but for some reason I can't get enough food.  So here's the thing.  When I feel like eating and I know I'm eating for the sake of eating, I always go to my set default.  Hot yogourt and berry bowl.  Even though I didn't work out, it's still better than the bowl of ice cream I would have grabbed over a year ago.  But that wasn't enough, I needed some chocolate.  So I took one of the muffins I made last night (slightly different and more dry than this mornings batch), cut a slit in it and stuffed a square of 71% dark chocolate (Camino-fair trade ) then nuked it for 30sec.  Ahhh now that hit the spot.

Ok so I know you might want to know how to make these muffins... so guess what??? Mark video taped me last night.  We will get the video up as soon as possible.  And eventually you can make up your own baked goodies and not be able to tell people how much of what is in them.  :0

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Down Time.

I know I have tons of work to do but today after my workout, I grabbed my hot yogourt bowl of berries and parked it on the couch for a little "me time".  Ok well I did fold a basket of laundry (but only 1).  Laws of physics right, what goes up must come down.  Me included, I get tons of stuff done all day everyday, that eventually I just can't do anything anymore.  So here's the thing, this is a different kind of "me time".  I am not being productive, I catch up on some pvr tv and that's about it.  You might think that going to the gym  4 times a week is "me time", but in my mind going to the gym doesn't actually count.  Do you consider brushing your teeth "me time"?, of course not... because it's something non-negotiable that has to get done.  That's how I feel about exercise.  Sure I push the envelope, but even if I don't really want to leave the house, I go.  I get my butt to the gym, and even if at first my head isn't into the game, I fake it till I make it.

Well I did waste an enjoyable hour and half.  Now I need to whip up a batch of something to bring to my parenting group tomorrow.  I know I don't have too, but I am totally a creature of routine and habit.  It funny but now that I think about it, baking for Thursday morning is kind of a weekly marker.  I've been really strict with my food mon-wed and now thurs I can lighten it up a bit and have some baked goodies (well mine at least).  Wow that makes me sound like a snob, but the thing is, I know exactly how much sugar, oil and other ingredients went into my baked goods so I don't have to guess and then wonder how I'm going to feel.  I believe that since I have seriously cut back on crap food, I have adopted a new sensitivity to how different foods make me feel.  And yes Jen... I think I will cut back on coffee, I'm pretty sure that's what was upsetting my stomach today!  darn.... I really do have a love affair going on with my java.    

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Workshop Poster!!!

I am sooo excited for this workshop.  Call Debbie if you can make it out. It's in Burlington and it's going to be awesome!!!!  

Revisit on my Happiness Goal

It's been a while since I've thought about "how happy am I?", so I think it's time to revisit this all important question.  Even though I have been feverishly studying about nutrition and health I did come across a very interesting website associate with a health food bar.  I could have just ate the bar called DrVieSports, but,  I was so thrilled by the ingredient lists, nutrition information and taste that I checked out the website.  How often have you done that with something you've eaten?   And low and behold I find a free 1 hour seminar video called  CODE of V.I.E. How to achieve happiness for life?
A video speaking about happiness.  It was perfect.  I am most certain that I needed a reminder about my goal.  I do want to be happier, and being healthy is a part of being happier (obviously), but what about my mental happiness and my actions?  For one I spent some time reflection on that "inner demon monologue" that I used to rant about.   And it occurred to me that since I've started working out "in man zone" I think I have more swagger in my step.  I tried something new and intimidating and rocked it.  This gave me the boost in my confidence that I needed to "tell my negative monologue TO SHUT UP!!!"  and I think it worked.  I think this ability is also paralleled in my ability to tell my muscles to shut up when they are screaming at me.  I've gained a sort of mental control, something that I had clearly lacked or lost (how ever you want it!) since having babies.  I will say that eating clean has given my body the ability to withstand the stupid hard workouts I put it through.  The thing is, I'm still learning the eat clean way and I'm also learning how to fit it into my family's lifestyle, because what I'm doing now, or implementing, is for life.  I am totally determined to always get better, do better and be happier.  My life is never going to be stagnant, God gave me this one life and I intend to do good things with it.  I have a family to take care of and in order to do that I need to take care of myself first.

I feel good that I have a goal.  But this goal isn't a smart goal! Sorry all my business friends out there, this goal is a lifelong goal, something that I will only know success when my time here is done.  And by the way this doesn't mean that I won't ever be able to enjoy "the moment" because I'd be living in a the-grass-is always-greener-on-the-other-side  mentality, totally the opposite, I will be happier and enjoying more moments than before.

Monday, February 14, 2011

This Rut...

Why is it that it takes terrible things happening for us to realize how lucky and happy we are?  Not that anything terrible has happened to me, but tonight and this evening my  heart aches.  Really really hurts for someone very dear to me that is going through a really difficult situation.  I know deep down, I have faith, that everything will work out, but even said, the moments are still painful right?

I really wish that I could stop getting stuck in this rut of taking life for granted.  A rut, the symbolism is very powerful because it implies a deep track, something that has been worn over and over again.  I guess I need help making a new path, getting out of the rut (or habit) takes effort.  I am religious, and I know that many of you aren't.  My religion is a community that I am a part of, being part of a community means that I'm not alone.  I only have to ask for help and someone is always willing and wanting to help.    I am also fortunate to be a part of a mommy community. 

What do you have?  Who is a part of your village.  We were not meant to do this alone.  Sure you can dance through this life alone, but isn't dancing so much more fun with other people around you, who care for you, and can support you.  I want my life to be a party.  I want to be surrounded by community, fellowship,  support and most of all love.  So even though my heart is heavy tonight, and I don't typically celebrate Valentines Day.  I want you all to know that you are a part of my community/my village.   Thank you for your support, care and love.   I hope you will all continue to surround yourselves with communities that make you happy.  Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Parties and Pantries today!

I think I'm going to start by saying....  My pantries all 4 of them are all crap free and organized and well stocked.  I think the Tosca Reno book has planted a bug in my brain because anytime I would stare at which ever pantry it was I would think to myself.." huh, I wonder how old that is? Am I every going to use it again? I wonder if Mark would notice if it wasn't there?"  So after putting the kids to bed and working a bit on my OEYC/ROCK healthy eating presentation, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and do a clean sweep of the cupboards and pantries.  And I'm telling you this feeling that I am experiencing is very outrageous.  I'm slightly giddy, kind of excited, very proud and I was really really close to taking pictures and posting it for you, but I couldn't find the camera.  I figure if I'm going to be giving out a "pantry list" handout at the seminar than I had better have a pretty darn awesome pantry.  It's kind of like I'm high.  Or could be that while composting all the sweetend hot powdered beverages, I inhaled a bit too much sugar powder.  ugggh!  But anyway, I kept some hot chocolate mix for Mark and the kids.  I did keep some icing sugar but stuck it in the deep freeze.  It's kind of one of those annoying things that you might need, even though I don't really ever want to need it.

Oh on a totally different side note, I was one of those stupid parents at Walmart at 7pm tonight buying Valentine cards because I totally forgot, until I was getting Annaliese's stuff in her bag and I saw the little memo reminding parents not to send candy to school.  So I did manage to find a set for less than 2 dollars, and I decided that it might be fun to add a little something to each card so I bought some party favours (actually just some stencils that could be used as a ruler or bookmark), kind of a fun idea -  So when I got home my poor daughter had to sign her super long name on 16 of them, she did well and even seriously improved - with some coaching- her letter formation :)

On the whole, today was a pretty awesome, yet stupid busy day.  This morning and afternoon was a party for William, Jen's son, and Lauren, Annaliese's best school friend.  My super handy/sexy husband managed to fix our broken toilet while the boys were naping, he rocks!,  So when Annaliese and I got back from Lauren's party we packed everyone up and went and returned the "new"/not needed toilet to Rona then picked up some groceries on the way home.  Since we missed pancake breakfast this morning, Mark offered to make them tonight, while I was playing with Annaliese in her room.  She needs tons of attention on weekends because she hardly gets to see us during the week.  I don't mind, I love hanging out with her, without the boys around.  It's fun setting up her Strawberry Shortcake stuff and playing doll house!  She loves all the same stuff I used to love doing as a kid.  Playing school teacher, doing workbooks, colouring and being surrounded by books.  I moved all her stuff to the top bunk this weekend and made her a little desk area in her closet and she is trilled to have her stuff "revamped".  I don't blame her.  I think you don't actually need new stuff to freshen up a space you just need to rework it.  I tend to move stuff around my house a lot.  I wonder if that's a function of being a stay at home mom?  Because I don't actually remember my parents ever moving stuff, they still rarely do.  (both my parent's worked) But my mom tells me that my grandmother always used to be moving stuff around? Could it be genetic?  I know it's early for spring cleaning... But I heard birds this morning.... Birds!!!!   and it's light out when I drive to the gym....   Yay!!!!!   spring is coming!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Date Night!

 Here I am getting ready for my date.  Well actually Annaliese has gotten it in her head that she wants everyone to have nail polish on.  Including her brother, who got cool blue and shiny black and her grand-maman, who now has hot pink toes :) 

She can be quite focused... my little girl!  It's pretty cute, once I tried to help her and she very nonchalantly swatted my hand away! 

Getting ready for the big evening was not a piece of cake, poor Luke wanted to come with me so bad I could barely take a shower.  Thank goodness my mom knows just what to say to distract him!  I had Patrick hanging off my leg as I tried to blow dry my hair.  Oh and I had to give Mark a hair cut, literally 45 minutes before our reservation because.... well because we just ran out of time.

Thanks to the Herculean efforts (not to mention the large donation) of my mom and dad, Mark and I went on our first date of 2011!  (and most likely till 2012!)  We made reservations at Spencer's at the Waterfront, here in Burlington.  I had planned on going to a movie with Mark afterwords but dinner was an amazing affair that took about 3 hours.  I had something like 6 or 7 courses.  It was their Valentines Day tasting menu.  My taste buds are still reeling from the variety of dishes, textures and aromas.  The experience was one that I will remember for a long time, probably because it was felt by so many of my senses.  After dinner, we sat a a very quiet cafe beside a fire and just talked for an hour or so.  It was very romantic.   Here are the pictures my dad eagerly took of us, kind of like a proud parent at a kids prom or something, it's been that long since Mark and I went on a real date.   So Thank you very much mom and dad, for babysitting and funding our night out!  We love you very much!

Holy Chocolate cake!

This isn't quite the cake I had, but close - the filling was whipped chocolate cream!
Dear Gods of the chocolate cake!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I cleaned my house for you!  I exercised all week and ate well and holy molly you were worth every ounce of effort.  I enjoyed a steaming cup of hot tea with you when all the children were sleeping.  I guess I should actually thank Columbia because this was the giant piece of chocolate cake that I could have eaten during Luke's birthday party, but instead kept to my cooler plans for the whole week.  (Tosca Reno's cooler 1 for mon/tues and cooler 2 wed/thur and a slightly more relaxed  cooler 2 today) I earned it!  Chocolate cake shouldn't be taken for granted, it should be truly savored.  Don't eat crappy cake when you could eat melt in your mouth, dark chocolate, caramel drizzled, and chocolate whipped cream filled cake!   I would do so much to appreciate a piece like this once in a while.  Here's the thing if you got this every day or even every week, the appreciating wouldn't be the same.  Absence makes the heart grow stronger.  With this type of cake, hell ya!  I could wait a few more weeks for a piece of heaven like this. 

So here's the thing, I'm not associating an immediate emotion with eating this cake, I am appreciating it's amazing taste.  I didn't eat this because I was sad, upset or stressed out.  I didn't eat this cake to relax me.  It was a driving motivation. I guess it was a reward.  And from what I understand about over eating, that's safe.  I had to earn it by doing really well all week!  Yay... I was totally a sticker motivated kind of kid, this is way better!  I guess it's safe to say, I'm proud of working so hard this week.  And I'm pretty darn happy that this was my reward. I don't feel guilty or crappy about indulging! (for once) 

What are your rewards for hard work?  Your special sometimes (blue moon) treat?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Day in My Life

Who gets told by 2 completely separate people at different times of the day, to stop drinking so much coffee.  Come on!!!!   I was informed; at the early years by a super cool outdoorsy kind of hippie dad (he made soy milk for us - fresh) that coffee is acid!  It corrodes your insides....  Uggg but how can I give up yet another addiction.  I squashed salt, neutralized sugar, cut out all processed foods and junk and I have seriously cut down on the amount of exercise I do at the gym.... But coffee???   I really don't drink that much, I average about 2 cups a day.  Then my massage therapist informed me that she was leaving finger prints on my gluts so that I must be dehydrated - I just did 2 hours of exercise and drank a liter of water??? Isn't that enough, not to mention the other 2 liters I had during the day!  She suggested that I switch to decaf?   Oh man!!!  I'm running out of safe addictions here.  What is a person with an addictive personally supposed to get addicted to? water? writing?  Come on!

ok rant over, moving on to the next topic that has flown into my mind like a butterfly...  I was thinking about my day in general, yesterday I had this plan that I was going to get a million things done all before 5!  So then just for kicks I thought I would type out what I did today.  Don't worry I won't include everything!  Just the stuff that makes me look awesome.  But first you need to know that sometimes, I actually lie down for a little siesta after lunch.  I mean I read Luke his stories and I practically put myself to sleep.  It doesn't happen very often but maybe once or twice a week I get a one hour nap! But ohhhhooooaaaa... it is so wonderful.  I think I should feel more guilty about telling everyone my little nap secret but I don't, I actually highly recommend it!   So there you have it people, I don't make money but when I really need it, I can have a short nap!  Seriously how much would you pay for a nap, in the middle of day, after snuggling with your cute little kid :)  Warm bed?   Ok back to the butterfly thought.

7:15 am - wake up because Luke is complaining that we forgot to leave the snack on the table for them
basically btw 7:30 -8:50  I - get my breakfast going (oatmeal and boiled eggs)
 - feed all kids and myself
- make Annaliese's lunch
- get all 3 kids changed and ready to go out (includes combing and tying up hair)                                        
- pack a snack for the morning out
- start unloading the dishwasher
- pack up the bag for the early years program I'm taking (coffee thermos the baked protein bars that I made last night and binder)
- get kids dressed to go outside and pack them in the van

9:00 am drop Annalise off at school
9:15 am pick up Jen and her kids because they need a ride!
9:30-11:30 am program at early years center with childminding :)
12:15 pm drop Jen back off at home
12:30 pm Patrick has fallen asleep so I put him to bed and eat leftover soup (that I made yesterday)
1:15 pm -Luke is napping and I lie down for a short nap (but then realize that today I'm supposed to do some work on my presentations so I haul my butt out of bed at 1:30)
1:45 pm -Patrick wakes up while I'm working in the kitchen (on my netbook for the presentation) I feed him and eat some humus and veggies, I've made a crockpot porridge to see if it's any good! and Patrick loves it!  that's his lunch today!
3:10 pm I wake up Luke and get the boys dressed and packed in the van
3:38 pm - I make in the school with 2 minutes to spare!
4:05ish pm - get home and turn on the oven to 425 and make a batch of fish sticks (from scratch - really only takes a few minutes longer!) bowl 1: whole wheat flour with kelp and chili powder; bowl 2: 2 eggs beaten with a bit of water; bowl 3: a couple tbsp of panko crumbs, 2 slices of bread - that I put in the toaster then crumbled in magic bullet, a scant handful of walnuts - in magic bullet to crush.  Dry off the fish, cut into thin strips, dunk in all three bowls (1,2,3), place on preachment lined baking sheet for 20 minutes (flip after 10).
4:20 pm -while I'm waiting for the fish to bake I read Annaliese her french books from school
4:50 pm -Kids are sitting at the table, chowing down on fish sticks, a small bowl of warm soy beans and a strawberry/ spinash yogourt milk shake!
Mark arrives and I run out of the house
5:17 pm - I arrived at Goodlife (not enough time to run! sadly!)
5:30 pm- pump class
6:30 pm - combat class
7:30pm - massage
9ish pm-  I make it home, help with clean up while making my yogurt bowl and tea (at this point I get to talk to Mark for a few minutes
10ish pm - turn on netbook and respond to some emails and start blogging!
11:30 pm- Done and getting ready for bed

Good Night!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Carrot and the Massage.

Today I was supposed to get a massage, the first one in a very long time.  It was originally booked for last Wednesday but since we had that crazy snow storm I rescheduled it for today.  I was so excited, I've been thinking about this for the last two weeks.  Last Tuesday I worked extra hard at the gym thinking "it's ok I'm getting a massage", today I did the same thing.  I did weights for about an hour then did a bootcamp for 45 stupid grueling minutes.  I have to say... owwww- ouch- owww but all good pain.  I honestly looked at the clock 3 or 4 times thinking, "when do we get a rest?when does the music stop or change? dear heaven this is nuts".  But I gave it more than I thought I could, because I kept telling myself  "I'm getting a one hour massage when this is done".  I gave it everything-no options- all toes!  (this means I never put my knees down to rest - in the pushups, burpees, mountain climb, "funky knee on elbow pushups" and planks). I imagine you are getting the picture of this class. 

So you can imagine my immediate chagrin when I found out that Kate didn't have me booked for tonight.  But that quickly dissipated when I rescheduled for tomorrow after combat.  So here we go again, as soon as I found out that I would be getting a massage tomorrow I'm already making a plan in my head how I can kill myself at the gym before the 1 hour massage.  I would love to get to the gym at 5 pm, run for 30 minutes, then do the pump class, then do combat!  That way... I will have totally earned that massage.  Besides I worked upper body today so I need to work out my legs tomorrow!  I'll have to see if this is going to workout with Mark's schedule of course, but mom and dad are down to watch Ian (my brother) swim at OUA in Guelph so they might be around.  All I have to do is pick up Annaliese from school, do her reading with her, cook diner and leave by 4:50!  (I do intend on eating, don't worry!) I always eat.
This is a chocolate covered carrot!  :)  But chocolate covered bacon would make more people run I think! 

And speaking of eating... I would have to say that I really can push myself when I see a carrot.  Apparently the carrot on the stick works for me :)  I wonder how I can actually use this knowledge to my benefit.  I know it can get hard to push out of your comfort zone at the gym, but what could be my carrot (other than a massage that I might get once a month)?  Any ideas or suggestions that have worked for you in the past when trying to get past a plateau!   What motivated you?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Permission to Shine!!!

I heard this idea of giving yourself "permission to shine" a couple of months ago.  I kind of filed it away in one of the dusty parts of my mind, probably the -' Like I'm ever going to do that' category.  But here I am thinking that now more than ever I seem to be living this idea.  I am allowing myself to be the best I can, I am doing it unashamedly and without any excuses.  I want to be a positive influence out there.  I want people to ask me questions, even if they are total strangers. I want to create positive change.

I do realize it is a fine line between having pride and giving yourself permission to shine.  But thing is, I've gotten so much amazing feedback that I wanted to send out a kudos, thank you everyone, thank you for taking the time to read this blog and share in my conflicts and successes, thank you for commenting and offering suggestions.  I look forward more than anything to reading your comments because it keeps me motivated, it has also helped me realize that I can shine.  As much as this is a one sided post, I feel so grateful to have your time and attention.   My hope is that by allowing myself to shine and being the best mom I can, being the healthiest and more importantly the happiest (still working on this angle) that I will touch people and they too will allow themselves the permission to shine and in turn we will all positively affect our community. 

I have been called inspirational by some of the followers of this blog and I sincerely thank you but I must confess that I too have my own inspirational people that have helped me on my journey.  So thank you so much Maxine and Andre for all your awesome help over the last year.  You two keep teaching me so much!  I shine because people around me shine.  I hope to bring out the best in the people around me, that is what shining is. 

Good luck and shine on! 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Monday!

I swear my friends...  are so amazing!  They threw Luke a surprise birthday party this morning.  I had no idea and it was sooooo sweet.  I am humbled by their generosity and love.  Party's make cooler plan 1 (from the Tosca Reno's book) kind of hard, but I did it! (with the exception of one of my own homemade sugar free cookie and one mini zucchini chocolate muffin).  I have my piece of chocolate cake in the freezer and I am going to have it on Friday! - I'm not telling you which one or in what container in case... someone decides to try and steal it!  :) 

At this precise moment, I haven't a negative thought in my mind.  I am at peace, happy and content.  I loved my morning out, the boys had a nap and I watched House and folded some laundry, then I picked up Annaliese at school and came home and made pan seared fish (thanks Dad for the fish you caught), seasoned with kelp and lemon, steamed veggies and baked garlic french fries -I had baked yam fries.  After diner, I did Annaliese's french reading homework, then I was off to the gym for Attack and weights for an hour after that.  I came home, made a protein shake- sugar free- and here I am :)  With a totally dorky smile on my face!  I wonder if this is what clean eating will do to you????   I feel bloody fabulous.  I did read that really cutting out crap can actually counter depression.  Something for me to ponder.  Since I was successful with Cooler 1 today, I'll give it another go tomorrow.  I'll let you know how it goes.  If you are curious about what I can eat, just Google it!  That's how I learn everything :) 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday... skating, shopping and this and that...

This was a pretty awesome day.  I got to sleep in (thanks Mark), and eat pancake breakfast (oh I know it's twice in one week - lucky me!).  Then I actually braved the cold and ventured into that white stuff.  I did it for the kids, they were so excited to try out the new skating rink in the back yard.  So armed with two pairs of pj pants, coffee and sun glasses I enjoyed a morning with the kids.  Just in case you are wondering where the third one was, he was having an early nap today.  I think the poor kid is getting sick again.  So here are the pictures of our backyard adventure. 

Hot chocolate time!!!
So the awesomeness kept going and I went out with Annaliese to buy her some nail polish (as promised from like 2 weeks ago - kid sure has a good memory when it's something she wants!) but ended up getting myself a really cute workout top, in addition to birthday presents for next weekends birthday parties.  It was actually kind of fun hanging out with my daughter.  The little rug rat was giving me her two cents when I was trying on clothes and bras.  (as a side note: does anyone know when I'll get mine back?  Patrick is now done nursing and I'm still waiting...  a little help here)

I dropped Annaliese off at home and picked up the littlest kid and off I went grocery shopping.  I really really love grocery shopping.  It's so much fun.  I know, I hope I'm not making some of you sick with my dorkyness.  But I've been shopping at the same store for the past 5 years and they all know me.  Sure it helps that Mark's been working there almost 15 years (only once a week now though).  They are so sweet at Longo`s.  They cut open fruit to feed the kids, offer samples and run out their way to help!  So here is what I got for the week.  My pantry and freezer is well stocked so I didn't need any pasta/beans/lentils/beef/pork!  I also did a huge shop last week replenishing my baking supplies.  And yes I know we are spoiled but just remember that we don't spend a penny on take out... ever!!!!  

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I don't feel sick anymore but I've been really tired these last couple of days.  Coupled with my cravings for junk food.  I wonder if it all started on Wednesday when I had that piece of chocolate on my downer day?  As I reflect I realize that I have no problem eating super healthy.  This morning I had my oatmeal bowl (hemp hearts, chia seeds, banana, nutmeg and chopped walnuts) with 4 egg whites, for snack I had my hummus and veggies, for lunch and diner I had bowls of chili and rice soup.  I also snacked on an apple slices dipped in natural peanut butter and greek yogourt with a bit of agave nectar- sooo good by the way.  But today I also had a piece of ice cream cake and 2 natej (which are like a custard tart).  Wow talk about junk food overload for one day.  Perhaps because I don't get a lot of sugar when I do my insulin spikes and I am very sensitive to the drop in my blood sugar because all I want to do is sleep.  It's interesting but I want to blame Mark for diet sabotage when he brought home these custard tarts, but really the issue is that I have no self control.  To live this healthy lifestyle I've been given props by a lot of people because my family eats so healthy but really it's because I would eat any and all junk food if it was in the house (when the temptations hits).  If Mark wants cookies, I tell him they have to stay in the trunk of his car so that I don't see them.   I also don't buy stuff for the kids that I wouldn't eat (in terms of sugar and salt content) so that way I don't have to be worried about being tempted.  And it's also a very good thing that we have no extra money to spend on take out (even though I know how ikky most of it is) I know I would indulge every now and then if the cash was available.  (my weakness is the gingerbread molasses cookie from Starbucks)  In many ways I wouldn't eat the junk food it was around but what I'm curious about is, what triggers the temptations.  Why would I let Mark sabotage my diet?  When actually he was just trying to do a nice thing.  It's seems so stupid really, I'm honestly trying to think of what is triggering this need to eat junk food (or cake) and I can't come up with anything.  Should I be able to know what is going on in my own mind?  Other than I'm feeling tired and I am tempted by sugar as an "upper", I have nothing.  I guess I should sleep more so that I crave less junk.  Monday I'll be doing Cooler 1 from Tosca's book!  wish me luck!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday night Musings ( because I have kids and I don't go out anyore)

I've been kind of mulling the idea that kids are happier with less.  All they really want is attention.  They would play with a spoon all morning if you were following them around interacting with them.  I'm not saying that's what happens here (for one, I don't stay in the house in the morning, and second if I dropped onto the floor to follow one of my kids the other two would climb on top for a free horsey ride - then the kid being followed would want to climb on and well... all hell would break lose and my glasses would break, someone's head would get stepped on, hair pulled and you get the general picture.  If you think of it though, wouldn't you want someones undivided attention? Someone you loved and looked up too.  Stuff just gets in the way of really appreciating what is there and free and available.  Money and drama is such a relationship clutter-er.  I feel like I've brought my diet back to a basic level, eating wholesome, home-cooked, naturally clean foods and my body is very HAPPY because of it.  So now I think I need to clean up my relationships.   Bring the basics back into focus.  Appreciate what I have and be grateful and thankful.  I'm going to start now! 

I am so so lucky to have such a supportive  group of women in my life.  Every one of these beautiful mom's has such wonderful qualities to offer.  I am blessed that I have their love and friendship.  I want everyone to know that I didn't have this 2 years ago and honestly having these amazing ladies in my life has given me more than they will ever know.  My life has changed for the better in so many ways. 

These ladies are amazing and I love them to bits.       

Winter is Blue (it's just a colour though.)

Thanks to a wonderful visit with a lovely friend today I think I had a bit of an "ahaa" moment about my current state of happiness.  It feel like my mood as been dismal lately.  I'm grouchier than normal (well not that I'm really a grouchy person), touchier and more sensitive.  Hormones??? Am I pregnant?  I honestly don't know! But then I was enlightened with the idea that it is February!  I have basically been indoors for the past 3-4 months.  When I would normally spend, at least, 4 hours a day outside in the summer and during warm weather.  **sigh I really do miss my back yard, the gardens, the deck and greenery.

 I don't particularly like going outside in cold or snowy weather. I need more sun!  But since last time I checked, putting in an order with the big man, doesn't really do much!  I have to think of some alternatives.  I don't drink milk anymore (because I want to decrease my sugar intake) so I'm not getting the extra vitamin D that is added to milk.  I guess I can start taking my D, along with my prenatal vitamin and Omega-3.  I love food, eating it and cooking it!  But sometimes no matter how much healthy nutrient dense food I am consuming, something will inevitably be lacking.  So I wonder if I'm SAD???  I haven't the first idea about that.  But if it means you want to crawl in a hole "like that lucky little groundhog for another 6 weeks" and wake up when life is starting to bloom again.... then yup! Sad I am.

So hopefully the next couple of days go much better. It's kind of stupid but even as soon as I had made the sun connection, I started to feel better.  Because my mood could be attributed to something tangible.  I could attempt to fix it (sort of).  I no longer feel like, wow! what is wrong with me!  It's more like "Ohhh that's what's wrong!  Is it me blaming the sun?  Like I blamed the snow yesterday for wrecking my kids birthday party.  Even as I type this, it seems to me that I'm trying to put the blame on something else so that I don't really need to address what might be the real cause of my moodiness.  Huh. 

Just looking for summer pictures warmed my heart.  For everything their is a season (what is that Hemingway quote?).  This is, I guess, when we are stuck in our houses (unless you are bionicle man/woman and run outdoors in -20C for hours) :)  We are forced to look deep within ourselves -  even if it's not pretty.  Next stop is spring cleaning right?  So that when summer rolls around again we can appreciate those moments of pure happiness so much better.  It's not to say that I don't have happiness now, but I seem to be in a better mood during the summer :) This winter is blue!  But it's just a colour.  Not an expectation that I need to live down to! 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Dark Place.

So my dark place has red wine and me not folding laundry.  I power bake, which means I try to mix a batch of muffins up before the oven heats up to 350F.  I avoid what is really bothering me by making up drama.  I'm in a dark place tonight.  I have been almost all day.  It shouldn't be like this, I know!  My elevator is dismal (somewhere around the 20s).  The snow put me off today (ok well now the blame game begins).  I'm upset because... well I'm not really sure I should get into this... But I'm upset because I take things personal.  I always have, and I hope I don't, but I'm sure I always will.  I think I have always taken things personal.  When I was a kid I thought that unless I got a big present people didn't "like or love" me enough.  When I was in high school, if I didn't have sex I thought I wasn't good enough.  Now, when people don't show up to play dates, I take it personal.  I feel like my kid isn't good enough.  Which is a reflection on me.  So what's wrong with me?  I am beating myself up today.  It's a dark day today.  But at least I had red wine and some sugar free muffins AND not the chocolate cake that I actually wanted.  I guess it's about small victories right?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Motivationally Challenged and the Chia Seed

I'm sitting here with the netbook on my little lap desk, staring at the two loads of laundry that are in front of me.  I really don't want to fold, and then it occurred to me, that I don't really want to do anything.  It's a good thing I don't get "motivationally challenged" very often because this place would fall apart.  But tonight after a very long day with very little sitting down, I just don't want to fold.  I also don't want to mop the floors for Luke's birthday Party.  Actually now that I think of it, I'm kind of down because I have this feeling that the stupid snow is going to wreck my little guys party.  I do realize that every teacher is wishing for a snow day, including Mark.  Dear heaven's he even went to check on the snow blower to make sure "it's ready to go".   I'm sorry but that is dorky!  (sorry Mark, you know I love you!)  Did you oil it up too? 

But just in case you feel like reading something other than me complaining about the weather here is the nutrition information about the chia seed.  I feel like sharing this with you only because when I was at the dentists office today she found one in my teeth (oh great) and I ended up explaining that it's a super food that contains massive amounts of fiber, the best source of omega-3 fatty acids from a plant base, protein, calcium, and other great stuff.   And yup it is the same seed that you put in your chia pets.  The totally super cool thing about chia seeds is they absorb many times their weight in water.  So you get that full feeling longer.  When it is used with higher G.I. (glycemic index) foods it can actually lower the total value.  So that is why I try to put it on anything I eat.  But I also put it on my kids cereal, toast, homemade cereal bars and oatmeal.  I once made a chia seed chocolate pudding.  I got the recipe from a raw eating website.  But it's really cool to see how the liquid you add chia seeds to become "jello-fied" For example you can make an incredibly healthy jam by literally mushing fresh berries and adding chia seeds, putting it in the fridge for 20 minutes and voila!  You can buy it at Bulk Barn or any Health food store.  It's an awesome food to have around the house and incorporate in your lifestyle. 

Ps. They are actually really really tiny, but I love the mottled look of them.  For some reason I think they look like little tiny dinosaur eggs.   (yes I actually do have a sense of imagination)   But seriously aren't they cute?