Saturday, April 30, 2011

Party party!!!

Wow what a day!  Two parties, amazing weather, great company and tons of fun!  Who can ask for more?  Here are the pictures of both parties.  The first was a fairy-Easter party at Shell park in Oakville.  It was so well done, my kids will be talking about it till next year.  Columbia you are an Angel sent down from heaven for my kids!  They are so in love with you and your energy :D 

The second party was a baby shower for my lovely friend Emily, Annaliese came with me (no boys allowed).  It was so adorable with all the games and Annaliese was in heaven- being the only kid- she had so much attention lavished on!  Perfect for her pre-birthday warm up!  (ie: Tomorrow Annaliese turns 5!!! - I can't beleive I had her five years ago... it flew by!)

Kids and me decorating the Easter baskets!

"Yay!" they are happy!

Annaliese and her friend Leila making their baskets!

All ready to hunt for eggs.

And they are off.....

Checking out the loot!

Not guilty... at all...

Face painting!  (I personally am totally creeped out by the look... but he loved it!)

Posing at the baby shower. 

Helping out Emily.  She was so happy to get so much attention at the party! 

One of the prizes.  This was full of chocolate and I managed to give away at least half.  Surprisingly Annaliese was happy to share the candy!  Hope for the future.

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