Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 34: A review on my GF meal from Milestones

Today my dad drove down from Sudbury and asked if he could take me and my brother out for lunch! Mark was cool with it and I suggested Milestones because it was right across from the costco, which we needed to go to anyway.

We got there around 1:00pm and were seated right way, as soon as I opened the menu I noticed that they had a little no wheat symbol.  I asked and was immediately given a gluten free menu.  Sure the menu was small, but I was really impressed.  It's just not something that I expected.  I ordered the Grilled Mediterranean Chicken and it was to die for! I loved the fact that I didn't fill up on mashed potatoes, they served the greens and chicken stuffed with goats cheese on warmed chickpeas.  I drank a tropical green tea with my meal and at the end felt pretty good about my choice.  Not to mention happy that I didn't have to pay (thanks Dad!)

I would highly recommend this restaurant and this meal to any GF or non-GF eater's out there.  It was a great experience, a great meal and the ambiance and set up was perfect for my mood (not too brightly lit, just a very classy contemporary look with soft lines and colors). 

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  1. It's my favourite chain restaurant for sure! I usually get the spicy Thai chicken bowl! I'm glad you had a good time with your dad!