Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 26: A Dream Come True: Metting Jillian Micheal's

You will never know how excited I was to be standing in line (and wandering the store) for like 3 hours! Honest thank you Sherry for letting me move around!  I would have turned into a lump just standing around.  I''m not sarcastic here, I was stupid excited!

 We left Burlington on the GO train at 4:17 and got back at 10:35! And all for 30 seconds with my hero Jillian Micheal's.  And those 6 hours were worth it, I got to hang out with my super awesome and fellow yogi buddy Sherry, meet new people, check out some awesome recipes in cookbooks-while waiting in line- hang out in the kids section finding the perfect books for my kids (Spiderman for Luke, the New Pinkalicious for Annaliese and a sticker book for Patrick) and meeting new people.

Oh and while we were waiting I did a push-up competition against 5 other ladies (two of whom were freakin stupid fit).  I came in third but still got a prize (woohoo, 5$ gift card).  Not bad for 35 push ups!

Sherry said that I had the best form, but the other two girls did shallow ones until 49! It was a tie (So I guess I came in second.??)  It was fun!  Out of like hundreds of people in the store only 6 of us stepped up to the challenge!  So finally we made into the front of the line and got to see how Jillian interacts with all the fans.  She is truly amazing.  Graceful, sincere, sweet and funny to boot!  I seriously must appologize for the crappy pictures because my camera was put on the wrong setting :(  Boo! But I will always have the memory!

This is Jillian's face when I gave her a "Larabar" because I'm a mom and always pack food. She was so touched! 

"You are so sweet! Thank you!"

"Give me a hug!"

I showed her a picture of me 3 months after having Annaliese, and she said "Holly crap! that's amazing!"
Thank You Jillian Micheal's!
She is awesome!  So yes, I showed her a picture of me (at about 220lbs) after my first, then told her I am now pregnant with my 4th.  She dropped her jaw, (she really has a lot of facial expressions).  Then I told her because I'm a mom I brought her something to eat because she had been signing books for 2 and half hours!  At this point, she melted and turned to her agent saying "look food!, she brought me food!"  with such joy :D Then she praised me and told me to give her a hug! 

I had a ridiculous smile on my face all the way back to Union station.  I couldn't have been happier.  What a great night spent with great people!

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