Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 38: Spontanious Travel

The plan was, as confirmed by me about 10 times... we were going to leave in the morning. Tomorrow morning!  I wanted to leave tonight, I wanted to have the van packed and pick Mark up at school and be on our way to Sudbury!  Mark informed me that this would be a terrible idea.  So I made my plans today according to the plan that we were going to leave in the morning (tomorrow!).  I took the kids out (the boys) in the morning, and even went so far as to pull Annaliese out of school to bring her back to the indoor play gym (Patrick fell asleep in the van).  So the result, as I had planned, would be 3 very tiered children ready for bed at 6:30.  Which would have been prefect for getting the packing done and going to the gym.

So everything is going perfectly as planned, the kids are wrecked by 3:30pm, I was going to tide them over with a movie, serve them diner and ship them off to bed!  But at 4pm Mark calls me and asks politely, but with some urgency, if we could leave tonight!!!  Now I don't know if this has ever happened to you!  It was what I had wanted in the first place, but I had caved and changed my mindset to deal with what my partner thought best (since he was the one that was going to be driving)!  But this sudden change hurled me into a tizzy! " Sure of course" I said, quickly followed by "why didn't you tell me sooner!!! I could have packed while the kids were napping instead of torturing everyone by keeping them awake through naps"... Grrrr... Not to mention I had just booked an emergency Dr. apt. because my sausage finger's have come back with a vengeance.

Side note: I wonder if it could be related to the sugar I have been craving?  Just a weekish ago it was the same right? I was craving junk food and then a couple of day's later I got fat fingers again.

Back to the story.  My apt is set for 5:45pm - it is 25 minutes away!  Mark called me at 4 and told me he had a few things to finish up and then he would be home to help pack.   Well 5pm comes and goes and Mark walks in the door at 5 after! (we have to leave the house in 15 minutes!!!) in that time I have packed - well truth be told I have stuffed and jammed: clothes, diapers, pillows, blankets, favorite toys, food that will spoil (in a separate box), ummm let me see tooth paste/brushes and everything else I could think of into 4 laundry baskets.  The suitcases are on the top of the garage... what was I supposed to do, pack in garbage bags? I put Annaliese in charge of Patrick to make sure he would try to escape the house as I was loading up the van. She took her job really seriously and it was really cute to watch how well she does with responsibility (it's like for the first time in day's she didn't cry or tattle or whine) :)  Luke was playing with the ipod, so by the time Mark walked in all he had to do was pack his clothes and run and sit in the van, everyone was strapped in and ready for take off!  

Ok so we make it the Dr's on time, nothing is wrong with my BP, I don't have protein in my urine (?) and he wants me to get a ton of blood work done to see if anything is wrong with my liver or other organs... GREAT!!!  Just what I need!

Oh well.  By the time we stopped for subs and coffee we hit the road at 7pm.  The kids were all asleep by 8:30, we stopped only once in Perry Sound and made it to Sudbury by 11:10 (well actually Skead!)

And now I'm here at my parents house, and you better believe that I'm planning on sleeping in tomorrow morning!

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