Sunday, May 1, 2011

5 Years Today!

Five years ago today, I went through 36 hours of labour... and finally my pudgy 10 lb 8oz baby girl was born. Annaliese was placed in the special care nursery because she was born with water in her lungs (not an uncommon fact for fat little babes).  After a few days, they took her off oxygen - and out of the oxygen tank and she could finally eat... And I could finally hold her! I think those few days, without me at the very beginning made her one tough cookie.  She has since then been head strong, stubborn, persistent and driven.  All qualities that are a pain to deal with growing up, but will pave the road to her success in the future. I know Annaliese will always achieve what ever she sets her mind too! Of all my kids I worry about her now the most, but I worry about her future the least!   

Today we had a little celebration for her birthday.  Five candles and 5 cupcakes!  Her big party is on Friday.  She did have an awesome day though, it started off with a special snack on the table, a gift and card.  Then we had our big Sunday breakfast (lb of bacon and all - you would be surprized how much this 5 year old can put away), then I took her birthday shopping.

  I think I've started a bit of a tradition.  She remembered how I took Luke birthday shopping to Toys R us and so in all fairness how could I say no!  We had a great time, she managed to find two barbies she loved, a new bike helmet (and one for her brother too), some fancy Nancy sun glasses and purse and a giant "easter basket" filled with Tinkerbell stuff.  She also wanted her brothers to have a Toy Story easter basket.  And since they were half price... but isn't the gesture sweet!  Than I asked if she wanted hot chocolate or ice cream, and she picked Starbucks hot chocolate so we hung out and did a puzzle together.  I felt pretty good, my kid and I were having a moment, working together and sipping on hot chocolate.  I hope we can do this in 8 years when she becomes a teenager :D

Then it was home to play with her new toys, birthday diner (she wanted store bought chicken nuggets and french fries)... oh you know how I feel about that garbage... but for once a year on her birthday, she can have her junk.  I am proud to report that she did eat half a raw tomato with diner!  The rest of the family had green beans :)  I had chilli salad! 

I really like the fact that as a family we are creating our own traditions.  Yes getting surprises and gifts is fun, but how cool is it to actually go into a toy store and be allowed to get whatever you want!!!  I'm sure the price tag will go up every year, but for now my kids are happy and I don't feel like we are spoiling them because really it's their birthday!  Once a year! 

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