Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 24: Green Cleaner

The other day Mark had finished spraying off the cloth diapers in the washroom and he had sprayed the Lysol to disinfect the floors and other area's.  We only just had to buy Lysol because we were using a bottle of Thyme natural disinfectant spray, but I haven't been able to find an equivalent all natural (bleach free-nasty chemical free) spray.  He had shut the doors - to keep the kids out- but I walked in and nearly passed out!  Right way I could feel my lungs contract from the toxins in the air.  What the hell is in Lysol?

So enough was enough I decided, like all the other cleaning products (well pretty much everything else in our house), we could find a safer greeener alternative (and cheaper too).  I have been using Tea Tree oil for almost 10 years; to treat my pimples and other small cuts and sores.  But it never occurred to me that the same antiseptic, antibiotic qualities of Tea Tree oil could also make a perfect disinfectant.  The internet is awesome for stuff like this isn't it.

So here is the disinfectant that I liked the best.

1 cup of water
1/8 cup of vinegar
1 tsp tea tree oil
1/2 tsp lavender oil


  1. Great idea; thanks for sharing!

  2. I suspect its the vinegar that does a lot of disinfecting in this recipe. Have you ever met Joan who is the public health nurse on tuesday nights (she comes occasionally wed mornings) she gave us a booklet of all natural cleaning and disinfecting recipes. If you havent met her already I think we should invite her one wed I think you and her would have some amazing chats about being green!

  3. P.S. Ants hate Lavender oil... it's good to put around the entrances to your home so they stay OUT!