Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Birthday!

I had a lovely day.  The kids woke us up at 7am and ran around the house collecting the hidden (sort of) easter eggs.  We had breakfast, went to church, made cupcakes with the kids, had lunch, took family photo's and in the afternoon Mark and I went on a date!  We drove to town just to watch a movie.  It was a romantic/drama type movie, exactly perfect for what I was in the mood for! Plus I got frozen yogourt on the way home - my ubber favorite treat when I come visit my parents up North.  The kind of frozen yogourt with the real frozen fruit they add to that giant machine with the arm... gosh I love that stuff.  When I got home my mom had turkey diner prepared and ready to eat :)  I did have a great birthday this Easter :)  Here are some photo's from the day!

checking out the easter loot!

Baking Easter cup cakes with Annaliese.

Finished product! Luke helped decorate these.

Family Photo time...


Yes we have a Bat Baby and Woody in our family! - I couldn't get them out of those pj's!!!
Checking out my dad's toy! 

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