Monday, April 25, 2011

It's Spring... Go Green!

Today we took a 1 1/2 hour detour just so we could stop at Grassroots and pick up our laundry detergents.  Two 17 Kg boxes of our favorite laundry soap for cleaning cloth diapers to our clothes!  Plus while I was there I grabbed a big brown paper bag ( Bulk) of our powder dish washer soap (I saved 25% over the regular package price), some all natural bubble bath (which I might add- does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate - SLS) and two toothpastes which are fluroride and SLS free also - all made by nature clean. 

We have been using this brand "nature clean" for about 6 years.  Basically when I found out I was pregnant with my first was when we started to do research "toxin's in the home".  By chance we watched an episode of cbc's marketplace (here is the link to the video) and it changed our overall perspective.  How could we keep living the way we were armed with this knowledge. Sooo...out when all the toxic cleaner in our basement apartment.  Well most of it went out, but when we moved we just left behind all our old cleaning products and detergents.  And from then on we sourced out the most natural and affordable cleaning and household products.  Also anytime I needed any personal cleaning/care product it was also all natural (meaning it was all plant based and contained no toxic ingredients).  It was hard at first, who doesn't love the amazing smells of certain body products, but we knew better and stop purchasing these products.

It was also hard to explain to my parents why I wouldn't use the normal "baby" products on baby Annaliese.  Companies such as Johnson and Johnson were know to contain ingredients and preservatives akin to formaldehyde (they would just list the chemical names of these ingredients) and hormone mimicking compounds, it was also brought to my attention that certain products contained ingredients that were listed in "chemical terms" and when combined created formaldehyde and other very toxic ingredients.  I wasn't taking any chances!!!

So more than 5 years ago Mark and I swore that we would only use products on our kids and ourselves that we knew what the ingredients were. 

I must admit that I only recently started to do that with my food!  crazy isn't it... But at least now we are on the same page... We know what makes up our cleaning and household products (including all personal products) and we know what makes up our food! 

If you don't believe me about toxins, don't take my word for it!! Look it up! Make the responsible choice and go green! Spring is the perfect time of year for a spring clean up! 

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