Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 33: Today's lunch is brought to you by the letter "O"

Can I even say that? Ahhh but my thrown together leftover lunch is proving to be an orgasm for my taste buds and I was so thrilled that I had to share, I'm eating and typing! 

I packed the kids and our snack and we played at Lil'Monkey's this morning.  This is my snack time secret, take out the veggies first, then fruit and lastly the extra's.  Today was cuccumbers, celery (which by the way I'm' still eating en-mass), cut apples and some homemade sugar free muffins.
Ham #1.

Ham #2

Ham #3 (Luke thought it was only fair to take a picture of me eating since that's what I was doing to them!)

When I got home, I was so sad to see that Mark had taken the rest of the chilli in his lunch, so I was looking around for something that I could eat and it occurred to me that I hadn't had tuna in a while.  So I grabbed some low sodium and looked at the leftovers I had from our snack! and thought "hey sure, why not" Apple and tuna is actually pretty good together!

So this is what happened.

 Clean Apple Tuna Salad

1 can of low sodium tuna
leftover celery, cucumbers and apples (diced)
one whole green onion
2 tbsp on pressed cottage cheese
2 tbsp of greek yogourt
1 tsp of agave nectar
parsley and garlic powder to taste
freshly picked chives from my garden!

with honey garlic rice chips (from Lundberg)
*** for some reason the combo of the honey chips goes totally amazing with the tiny hit of sweetness in the salad- it is perfect!!!!

The first herb of the season!

My empty herb garden waiting for annuals to be planted and already the perennials are sprouting!


  1. Do you think I could substitute tuna for Salmon?

  2. Yes (salmon is definitely more healthy) but I would add lemon juice to cut back on the fish taste. (also for added calcium mush up the bones and add them too!)