Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 35: Struggles Lead to Growth.

Today I struggled with food, I've wanted to eat sugar and gluten.  And three times today I caved and indulged.  The first culprit was a Portugese custard desert (called Natas), the second was a small bag of "chocolate oatmeal cookies - preventia brand" and the third was a protein bar from greens plus (it had only 7 gs of sugar but included gluten in the ingredients).  I did manage to workout at the gym tonight (thanks for motivating me Sherry).  I did a 1 hour weights class followed by a sports inspired cardio class (in goodlife lingo: I did pump then attack).

About half way through the attack class, I turned to Sherry, who said to me "I'm going to hate you in the morning" and I said to her "all I can think about right now is eating a piece of Dairy Queen ice cream cake".  Which was basically code for, I don't want to be here, I feel like crap and I hate feeling like this.  Thankfully she just looked at me and laughed.  So I stayed and finally for the last 20 minutes of the hour long class I felt like myself.  I had hit my wall (DQ cake), fought through it and came out the other side feeling amazing.  When I got home I had a sensible post workout meal (leftover homemade turkey,wild rice and veggie soup) and also my hot bowl of berries and yogourt. 

I had this plan that I was going to get home early enough to watch House and maybe fold some laundry.  But instead I chatted with Mark while I was chowing down.  As lame and cheesy as it sounds we talked about how and if we make the other feel valued enough.  Do we celebrate the others accomplishments?  From what I understand about making a relationship last the long haul, the partners needed to feel valued and that would give them to drive/motivation to keep making positive changes to better the relationship.  I have to say that I've been very focused on my relationships outside the home (my friends and my interactions with new mom's) as well as really really focused on my kids, I think I was forgetting about my marriage.  Funny how a week and half after the marriage prep course that would sink in!!! 

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