Monday, April 4, 2011

The 4th Sunday of Lent: Family First

Ah well it seems that I have been counting Sunday's in my 40 day's of Lent, when technically I should not have been.  Just a little oversight, not really a big deal.  So in order to get back unto the right day timing today is just Sunday, and tomorrow will be Day 23!

Now getting back to family, this weekend was all about family.  Or specifically today was!  We started the day off with our huge Sunday breakfast.  Brace yourself... for 5 adults and 3 children
- 2 batches of my buttermilk oatmeal pancakes
- 1/2 batch of gluten free pancakes
- 1 lbs of low sodium bacon
- almost a dozen hard boiled eggs
- a bowl of chia seed and berry compote
- a giant bowl of fresh fruit (strawberries, grapes, apples, and oranges)
- fresh honey flax loaf of bread (fresh from Longo's oven)
- whipped cream and maple syrup

It was a feast! and yes we did have leftovers so makes for an easy lunch :)  Except I didn't have lunch with my kids and husband today, I went to my younger brother's swim banquet at McMaster University.  To support and honor his commitment (to torture) er... I mean to health, fitness and the MAC marauders.  I am really proud of him and it's apparent so is the coach.  Here is a picture of me, my brother and my mom (dad took the photo).  And the video of the coaches recognition of Ian.

I think mom was eating- dad!!!!

You rock little brother! 

He swims a million hours a week, plus does dry land training (with specific coaches) and is meticulous about his food.  All while rocking engineering.  He is part of a supportive community that values the same principles that I do, dedication, hard work, belief in fitness and health.  So even though he is 10 years my junior I look to him everyday for inspiration in my workouts.  He swims sometimes twice a day and does resistance training/plyometric training and core workouts, he is the machine in the family and I'm so proud to be his sister!

And the food was pretty good also!  The only thing I couldn't eat was the diner rolls, and as you can see I ate my weight in chicken!  

So now back to my little family :)  When I got home the kids were so excited to be trying on some Halloween costumes my Aunt Debbie had sent us (with my parents).  They paraded around the house in different costumes until bedtime! And even then Luke wanted to wear Spider Man to sleep!  Here are some of the pictures of my kids.
Patrick, Annaliese, Luke (in case you didn't recognize them under their super cute costumes)

This is Luke flexing his spider muscles!  So cute that he knows how to pose :)

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