Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 25: Words of Wisdom from my Trainers.

Just breath!
"Your breath is louder than the voice in your head telling you to stop".
"You have to push yourself into uncomfortable to see any gains". 
"When your mind tells you to stop, tell it to shut-up". 
"Your mind will always tell you to stop before your body can actually stop". 
"How do you get better? Work harder!"
"Let go!  The ground will catch you!"
"Trust me, you can do this!"

These are the things I hear, at Goodlife, PYC (hot yoga), and Crossfit.  Three very different venues but the messages are quiet similar.  Don't let your mind limit your strength.  It seems to counter-intuitive doesn't it? Why wouldn't you want to listen to the "protective mechanism" in your mind.  Doesn't your mind know best? 

Ah well sure, if we were being chased by a saber toothed tiger...  that however is not the case.  From what I understand your mind wants to preserve itself, it is very selfish because it takes oxygen first.  It does this because it's automatic.  It did this as part of a survival instinct.  Survival is not longer an issue (as I mentioned yesterday), we are not under the pressures of our ancestors.  Therefore I believe, as clearly many trainers and coaches believe,  that it's ok to push hard, to tell your mind to shut up!  You won't actually hurt yourself.  I remember someone once telling me, you can't actually bite yourself hard enough to draw blood.  So what I understand is that, trust in the process, not the voice in your head telling you to stop, trust your trainer's and don't be afraid of being uncomfortable.  You won't die!

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