Friday, April 29, 2011

I Need a Break!

In case you are wondering I suck at being pregnant.  All day long the right lower part of my whole body has been hurting and aching and in pain.  Starts from my upper back and slices all the way down the side and back of my right leg, down my calf and ends (happily) in my Achilles heal! Also, I have been so ridiculously tiered that I've been falling asleep while reading the boys their nap and nighttime stories. It's stupid really, why can't I give myself a break! "Sure you're pregnant... put your feet up!  ***snort** HA HA!!!!***"

If I put my feet up, do you know what would happen around here? Any idea?  Well for starters, nothing to eat, no place to walk because of all the stuff the kids leave around, laundry will stay unfolded and un-put away, diapers wouldn't get changed, kids would fight and possibly maim themselves (multiple times over), counters would get gross, dishes piling up, table crummbly and sticky, floor disgusting... and you get the picture.  So all day long I have been on the go with this terrible pain in my butt!  har har... I'm sure I've looked really cute striking a bizarre stretch pose, but all this and still nothing.  I'm sitting in my bed now on my netbook and still I'm trying to stretch and I can't fix this.  See how much I complain... Not a good prego today!  And if I'm being totally honest I had two (not one!) two bowls of ice cream! 

Do you know what I fantasize about?  Being in a luxury hotel, by myself for a whole entire weekend.  Where I don't have to cook, clean or look after anyone.  I can marinate in the hot tub, lie around a sauna and swim in a pool.  I would take a long luxurious nap and read a book, or two.  And truly enjoy the peace and quiet.  That by the way is the "happy place" I go too while in relaxation.  I know I'll never get the real thing, but as long as I have a very vivid and rich imagination I can keep that happy place alive in me and recharge when I need too!

Like now...  see ya!

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  1. try this - lay on your left side, bend bottom leg so your toes are at the opposite knee. flex the foot of your top leg and bring it up toward you along the floor keeping your hips parallel (like rockette kicks, but on the floor.) it does wonders stretching out your sciatic and is a great spot for relaxing :)