Friday, January 7, 2011

Wearing different coloured socks...

Socks...  I love how they keep my toes warm. But who notices socks anymore?  Sure I look at them sometimes when I'm at the indoor playground because no one is wearing shoes.  And heaven forbid we wear socks and sandels.  (ok I do everyday, but in my home) So why the stigma attached to mismatched socks.  Do we feel that society is judging us...:wow lady what's wrong with you, why don't you have socks that match, you must be disorganized, don't you do laundry, you must be missing some of your faculties right???

They are just socks people.  Not the gateway into my soul!  Did you even know they sell mismatched socks at Chapters?  For kids mind you.  So why is it ok for the kids to do it but not us respectable mom's?  and I realize that is a rhetorical question.  But the point is WHO CARES!!!  one pair of mismatched socks at a time I am slowly going to stop caring what the "society standards" tell me to conform to.  So here is a picture of my socks!

And yes, I wore them out... in public.  And do you know what happened???  of course you do. Nada.  We live a world of people that wouldn't say anything to anyone even if it was something actually wrong.  Have you  ever seen that tv show (What Would You Do?) with actors pretending to do nasty things in public to an unsuspecting audience.  How long or ridiculous does the event have to be before a few timid people speak up.  Now that is the issue I have.  We do things because...what... we are afraid of what people will say, we can't actually hear their thoughts - so who cares about that-, I suppose we could get upset about the looks we might get and the drama we create in our head about that look.  So here we are again, back to the drama, most of it make believe, created by us for us!  Or in this case, this was the drama that was ever present in the monologue of my head.  I really need to find a way to shut it up.  I've managed to quiet it down but I'll talk about that later.   Thanks to an awesome friend (you rock Jen) I was able to start wearing mismatched socks about 6 months ago.  But the whole point of this is that, drama that I create in my head is obviously taking away from my happiness.  So if anyone has any other suggestions of things I can "LET GO OF" please post. 

PS. I was able to quiet the voice down in hot yoga because I was specifically told to and for some reason when I have sweat poring down and I'm in muscle ripping pain I tend to listened to the person in charge of the situation. Do I have to go to such extremes to get some peace and quiet from my brain?  Basically it's because my body is yelling louder than my head.  I'm leaning towards a solution that isn't so intense to get some quiet. 

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  1. Yay for pictures! Those socks look like they almost match, like the mis-matched ones from Chapters!

    Good for you for identifying what stresses you out and finding a solution.