Friday, January 14, 2011

My Happy!

Four Splendid Truths

1) To be happier, you have to think about feeling good, feeling bad, and feeling right, in an atmosphere of  growth

2) On of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make other people happy; One of the best ways to make other people happy is to be happy yourself

3) the days are long, but the years are short

4)You're not happy unless you think you're happy

I have to say, personal growth is exhausting.  I've been trying to kick this virus for what seems like days now.  I am in survival mode.  My house is a mess, Patrick has a temp of 102F, dishes are piling up, mountains of laundry,  I think I could actually use the snow shovel to start tiding the floors and Luke's birthday is tomorrow.  I did make chocolate cupcakes but the poor kid doesn't have any gifts until I go out and get some.  As a side note did you know you don't actually need eggs in chocolate cake (huh.)  
So if I start to reflect on my day, I smile.  Because even though everything is a disaster around here, I got to cuddle with my sick baby and make him feel better.  I say "got" because even though Annaliese is still 4 she is already turning into a teenager and when she gets sick, she just wants the ipod and a juice box.  Patrick and I  took a hot bath together (and of course Luke joined us also).  Then when everything was quiet, I sat down with a piece of warm chocolate zucchini cake and a cup of tea and watched Grey's Anatomy on PVR.  I really like the truth of happiness  #2  because it's easy to do when you are taking care of sick kids, you forget all about the baggage in your own head and focus everything on making them smile and happy.  I think I'm happy!  So I must be happy!  In these simple acts today I felt nothing but the moment.  I can remember them, because I was present.  Here's the thing, if I had been thinking about the past or future, how would I remember the funny cowlick in Patrick's hair after I dumped water on him.  How would I remember the pudgy arms with extra rolls because he still has baby fat, or the sparkle in Luke's eye's when he saw that the tub was half full !!!! (not just the regular 2 inches of water).  I was in the moment.  I can smile now because this is my happy!~

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