Monday, January 17, 2011

Stress Doesn't Exist.

Today I told someone that stress doesn't exist unless you think about it.  Where have I heard that before??? Oh right Yoga class.  So basically you create the stress and drama in your own head by giving it thought.  Holly molly that's hard not to do, isn't it?  That's what I do best, think. Think about the drama, think about the stress and think about how to get rid of the drama and the stress.  LOL... but really all I would have to do is: stop thinking. Sure!!!  I guess I could set that as a goal for the week.  Last week I wanted to research happiness more, I'm not quiet finished looking things up. I've made an attempt.  Weak, yes I know.  This week I want practise what I preach.  I am going to stop thinking about the drama in my head.  Stress doesn't exist for me this week.  I am going to think about getting better, eating really healthy, exercising and reading!  Oh reading... I've been fantasizing about this man Jamie Fraser.  I really need to find him again.  We've been apart for way to long now!  **sigh**  Ok so I'm not sure how this is going to help me, but if I start to think about the drama in my head I'm going to pick up my novel.  Get my hit of Jamie and then hopefully have my priorities in order again.

Oh and about the poor car.  As of now I will be driving Mark to and from work until we can find a body shop that will take care of it for the least amount of money possible so that it can be safe for the road.  It doesn't even have to be pretty!  So yes, losing money sucks! Duh.  But at least everyone is ok.  Including poor Mark and his financial stress.  We will manage.  But I'm thinking we are going to have a birthday pancake breakfast here this week for Luke's birthday party.  What do you think.  Trains, games and pancakes?  (no Lil' monkey's this year for the little guy! He'll survive :)    He wants to play trains with his friends. And I can make a load of pancakes for us all!   I wonder if Wednesday is good? 

And all things considering my elevator has been really good to me today. High seventies all day! Clear beautiful skies and amazing view! 


  1. if you dont care if its pretty.. why fix it right away. is it driveable? if its cosmetic damage and doesnt affect its fuction.. leave it for a while.

  2. My dad just got his van fixed in Hamilton; I can get some recommendations from him if you want.

  3. I'm of the impression from reading your directions, that the most exhausting effort is in thinking about what others think. Either your connected or your not.

    From the interactions I've witnessed in class, your a whirlwind of creativity who gets my appreciation for being bold enough to provide experiences that are more applicable to the discussion. Your someone I'm connected too. I am aware of this because when I recall the class, your the person that I smile about when I am looking for association. Your a character that I would not have believed existed in Burlington prior to meeting you.)

    A unique memory.

    (Note: the above statements were provided free of thought and in no way are to be valued without your own form of acceptance).