Sunday, January 23, 2011

Keeping me Honest

This is kind of funny, I just realized that today I was thinking that having this blog has forced me to "witness" my actions more.  I know that at some point in the day I will be reflecting on everything; how I handled the stressful situations, how my mood was, how my actions affected my loved ones.  But it has also forced me to slow down and be present during those awesome times when I'm having a good time with my kids or husband or even friends.  I think Jen once mentioned how sometimes she thinks "in blog".  That's an interesting idea because thinking "in blog" means you are processing the immediate information, not thinking about the past or future.  It forces you to stay present and feel the moments.  Savoring the joy and happiness is a gift.  Something that you need to really spend time unwrapping to appreciate.  Or at least for me that's how it's been. Seems like that until I was forced (by me) to look at my day to day life, I didn't realize how much happiness I was wasting to the drama in my head.  I wasn't present in many situations, I would go through the motions.  I do realize that I still "tune out" when I'm doing stuff like cleaning or folding laundry and allow myself to get lost in the drama of my head, but I've been enjoying important moments much more. 

So here's the fun part... what I was getting at.  Keeping Natalie Honest... When I came up with the name I didn't really know what it really meant.  I thought it sounded kind of cool but NOW!!! It means that the blog is keeping me honest.  I am a witness to my life.  I have an accountability that I didn't really have before.  I'm not just going to be a passenger for a ride. 

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