Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Great White North... Brrrrr

Wow I am so sorry that I didn't post yesterday.  It has been nuts around here.  The kids behaving on the ride up was the easiest part.  Ha, mostly because they were strapped in their car seats and around here.... uggg.. Now don't get me wrong I love my parents house, but it is NOT kid proofed.  And my dad gets mad when they get into stuff.  So I've been chasing the rug rats around for the last 2 days.  They spent some time outside but when it's minus a million degrees, how often would you want to romp around the snow?   So it's been playing in the loft with the toys, playing in the hot tub, and generally following the trail of destruction and cleaning up after them.  Thankfully mom is the best and works overtime to help with them :)  but she had to work Friday and I was wiped.  I don't know how single mom's do everything they do.  Saints all of them.

Here the kids are making "gummy worms and rings". 
And yes I actually let them eat them (yuk... sugar).  But they were happy !

This was too cute! Patrick was holding on to mom's sweater like she was a horsey.

I am thrilled because I got to go to the gym this morning.  I bundled all 3 kids up and braved the white roads.  We survived the trip all the way to the gym (35 minutes to get there). I am totally spoiled getting to my gym in less than 15 minutes.  I had a great workout: combat new release, then weights.  I did notice that the Lasalle gym doesn't have the "man zone" the same way our Burlington does.  It was dead in the gym and so I had a chance to practice a bunch of new moves.  Well stuff that I used to do all the time in University but then stopped doing.  Probably because when I got kids I didn't want to use my brain when I went to the gym.  I just wanted a good workout and someone else to do the prep work.  But what caught me off guard was that the instructor of combat came over to me after class and asked if I was a visiting from out of town.  I laughed and said I was.  Thinking to myself, wow is it that obvious?  Then she asked me how long I had been instructing.  I laughed again and I told her that I've been doing combat for 4 years but wasn't an instructor.  I guess my wraps confused her.  Fair enough.  So I braved the snow covered roads again and got everyone home safe and sound. 

The kids chowing down on birthday cake!

Today was my grand fathers 85 Birthday party.  That's why we came up here in the first place.  It was a nice party, mom cooked way to much food and the kids got to play with their friend Gavin.  My "Deda" made a really nice speech thanking everyone individually for celebrating with him.  It was very touching when 3 times tonight he told me how beautiful I am and how amazing of a job I'm doing raising my kids.  "They are so beautiful and smart" he told me.  It's funny because so many people can say nice stuff to me and I just don't hear it.  Tonight the stars aligned and I felt beautiful and I felt proud of the work I have done raising my family.  Something to be said when a wise, proud and intelligent man recognizes the work I do.  I know my dad won't ever say stuff like that, but it means the world to hear his own dad saying it.  They (grandparents) must just know the stuff kids need to hear. They've been around long enough to know I guess. 

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