Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I keep saying that I need to stop posting at night. So here I am waiting for the 2 and half dozen muffins to finish cooking.  I bought a ton of ripe banana's yesterday because I've been craving some fruit muffins.  Mostly to get myself to stop eating the ice cream cake that is tempting me in the downstairs freezer.  The problem is Mark hates banana when it's cooked so I end up always making two types of muffins.  Today I have banana, blueberry, cranberry oatmeal muffins and orange chocolate chip (for Mark of course).  It's not that hard to accommodate actually because I make the same dry base.  It's the wet ingredients that need to differ a bit.  Now here's the thing, if I post the ingredients but not the actual amounts could any of you recreate these?  Because for about 2 years now I don't use recipes.  I get an idea of what I want and then I just do it.  It makes it really hard to blog about my creations.  I guess I could find a way to video myself??? 

Because the car is in the shop I've left the house at my normal time to go pick up Annaliese from school, but I've also gone to pick up Mark.  When they got in the van they each had warm muffins to snack on!  Not a bad life for them.  I'm typing this now because it's freezing rain and NOT a chance Mark is going to let me drive to the gym.  Oh ya and when we got home from the pick ups, we got a message saying that the car was ready. So load everyone back into the van (geeze is this what mommy chauffers feel like) and go pick up the car.  It's fixed and alot cheaper than we had anticipated.  We even had a brief discussion about going out for diner, we couldn't decide on a place.  So we just opted to have Mark pick up my favorite salad from Longo's and a pizza for him and the kids.  Wow, my life has changed. A year ago I would have jumped at the opportunity to eat out.  But now, I can't come up with a restaurant that suits my needs.  I don't want to eat anything unless I know how it was made, with what ingredients and where!  So my family is eating pizza and I'm eating a blue cheese and pear salad with a bowl of homemade spicy black bean soup. 


  1. In regards to your description starting with the dinner escapade:

    Your aware that some of us just listen to tunes to get through the indecision's that knowing everything comes with. Right now I'm listening to Sia - Breathe Me.

    I enjoy reading your description of the processes you engage with, it humbles me.

    I would be pleased if my comments are considered neutral.

    I don't do good or bad all that well or friends, yet I am aware that I certainly don't wish to be considered your enemy.

    Who would have thought? Listening to Sia, reading your blog and making a comment has put tears in my eyes. Your words destroy me.

    Thanks for indirectly being part of my growth.

  2. D., I love getting feedback, otherwise why in the world would I post online. I strive to be better all the time. Being stagnant in growth sucks! Any and all perspectives are welcome, but I really like your insight. Keep it coming! thanks