Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Step 1: Being present every moment means not worrying about crap!

Ok so here's the thing I was thinking about this step today and I realized that you can't actually stop worrying completely because then pretty much nothing would ever get done.  So you need to identify the crap that you don't need to worry about.    So yes, of course finances are going to be a stressor leading to worry but the problem is you do have to pay some mind to it or you could end up in a big red hole of doom.  So worry about the stuff you have control over, not that crap you can't control.

So I can't worry about something or an even that has happened in the past because... it's over. Can't change it.  The "why did I do that?, "I know that is going to hurt because I've done it before","that jerk...he/she did this ...to me, how dare they", that monologue of drama is part of the villain's super powers. It's just that a monologue!  tell it to shut up.  Just like when in attack class, instructor says "If your body yells at you, you tell it to shut up!" You learn this very pretty fast in hot yoga when the teacher is telling you not to listened to your mind telling you "you don't like this, it sucks, get out of it"  like frog or crow pose right or a very low warrior position.  It's a new way of thinking, of being in the moment and present.  Sam says "you can accomplish anything for the length of a breath, just think about breathing, nothing else!"  Forget what you know!  Just BE!  (Ok she also like to refer to the feeling of pain as JUICY!!!)   I guess it has to do with how we perceive stuff.

Even though you still need to worry about some stuff in your life, the point is don't worry about the crap.  Because even though I feel a whole lot of juicy feelings when I workout, if I worried about that I would never go back.  But the end result is why I keep going back to the gyms.  I focused on each individual moment, in some cases, each bloody excruciating juicy breath I took.  How many of you think about crap when you are working out?  Well granted it's easy not to think when deafening music is blaring at you and an instructor is yelling at you to push hard, go lower or do more!   I guess I need to figure out how to transfer that practise of Being present every moment.  I wonder if I can find an ap for my Ipod with Sam's voice telling me" to breath like it was your first breath, imagine you are an avatar trying on your body for the first time, you have no past, everything from this moment on is now."  NO CRAP to be had.
 The warrior in me will defeat the worrier villain.  One breath at a time I will be present!  (or as much as I can!)  This is a work in progress, I am giving myself a year to get happier :)


  1. Prioritizing is good, but I don't think you need to worry to get stuff done. Just do the important stuff (don't worry, just do it) and relax about everything else.

    BTW: I like your warrior.
    BBTW: I don't have a super villain, I have a gremlin. My gremlin loves computer games and hates anything productive.

  2. Love the frogs and the warrior is great too. Just take one step at a time.