Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This is Wednesday's Post....

First off I want to say that I am, yet again posting this at my bedtime.  Yesterday when I tried to post earlier in the day, guess what happened.... I didn't even post it until this morning.  I came upstairs yesterday after diner and thinking I was just going to lie down before going to the gym, completely passed out and didn't wake up until this morning.  I must say, I'm actually not a fan of all this sleeping because as great as it is, nothing gets done around the house.

So today a NEW DAY!!!!  a wonderful day, a day that I could start having slept like a million hours.  But really who was I kidding.  I had the same fights I have every morning.  "No!!! you can't wear a dress it's way to cold out", "Luke leave your sister alone", "Yes, you have to go to school today!", "Yes, I packed a fruit bar AND raisins in your lunch... I promise!!!".  I think I should just get a recording of myself on my ipod and just play it really loud every morning.  Anyway I manage to convince my daughter that she wants to go to school because she can bring her "poupee" doll.  And by some miracle I make it to our Dr.'s appointment in time.  We get home, boys fall asleep, I fold 5 loads of laundry while they are napping, then I pack them back into the van and off we go to pick up Annaliese.  Amazing how fast my day goes by.  I make stew for diner and leave the house to go the gym....  NOW for ME TIME!!!!

I amaze myself.  Today I was awesome.  Seriously, I did a spin class then went to "man zone", by myself, to do shoulders.  I'm not sure why but I've decided that I want Jillian Micheal's shoulders.  (Ok and back, and arms, and legs and pretty much everything... but lets focus on one part at a time).  I did as many exercises as I could think of, plus a few back ones also.  Then the fun begins... I get excited just thinking about it...  I do push-ups with my hands on medicine balls.  Not just one or two, I did 3 sets of 10....  Then since I was feeling pretty good about myself I grabbed a stability ball and put one foot on... balanced... then the other.... so now I look like a frog on the stability ball... THEN I GET UP!!!  and stay up... I'm so proud of myself.  I did 3 sets of 10 squats on the ball.....  So I guess it made me pretty darn happy to be able to do that.  I'm proud of what I accomplished today.  So pride is a source of happiness!  Isn't pride a sin?  I'll have to look that one up. 

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  1. On the issue of sins: When I looked it up from my bible, it indicated the only sin is when I absorb/believe someone else's story more than I do my own experiences.

    Still open to interpretation, but I'm sure it's talking about the root too gaining confidence in oneself.

    There is the odd time when I have to outsource and let it all go. In times like that I make sure I'm fully wound up and on as high a passion as I can get. That way, the drop isn't a fall as much as a flight.

    Please don't believe what I'm writing unless you've got some experience to compare or evaluate it with.