Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Morning with the Kidlets

So today was supposed to be Luke's 3rd Birthday party but there is a serious case of sniffles and buggy viruses going around and almost everyone had canceled so I decided to postpone Luke's party till next Wednesday.  He's worth it, I think the little man deserve so be recognized and spoiled for a day by all his friends.  I think we all need it sometimes.  So I decided that I would have fun with the kids anyway and still make pancakes for them :)  Here are some pictures of the morning.  All three kids are napping right now so that's why I have time to post this.

These are my favorite buttermilk oatmeal pancakes topped with a warm berry spread with chia seeds (and low fat whipped cream), served with fresh fruit salad and low sodium bacon.

Oh dear the light is terrible in the picture. 

Time to colour!

They did an awesome job working and sharing together.

Time to be silly! 


More Blah.....

Patrick insists that we are the best Blahhhhers EVER!!!!


  1. Nat, those pancake plates look AMAZING! I'm hungry now!

  2. Teehee. The recipe is posted on "I love Sunday's" :) We make them religiously every Sunday morning before church! They also make an amazing snack! (LOL - Annaliese even asks me to put them in her lunch on Monday's with pb&j.)