Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My layer of SLOW!!! (is annoying)

So yes I do realize that weight gain is inevitable while I'm pregnant... but it doesn't mean I have to like it!!!  You see I worked my ass off losing all the previous baby weight, and I know what I'm in for to lose every extra pound I gain.  So a little dark secret of mine is that I am obsessed with online pregnancy weight trackers. 

Here are a few that I randomly use:

I never did this with the other 3 pregnancies, I didn't beat myself up.  But for the last two day's I have been punishing myself!!!  I can barely walk (which will pass of course).  But yesterday I did body pump then attack and tonight I did combat then body pump.  I have been eating tons of protein and trying to cut back on sugar, eating as clean as possible.  I'm pretty sure I can maintain it until the weekend of course.  But according to my data and calculations I am about 2-4 lbs overweight for week 17.  So this is what I'm talking about.. my layer of slow.  It's annoying and I want it gone, it is sucking my energy away, especially with all this heat that we are getting, and it looks icky!  Of course I realize that said layer of slow is not going anywhere, it is very possibly going to get even slower!!!  ahkkkk...  The thing is I know, what I should know, but for some reason my mind is fighting it...  With this being my 4th pregnancy I wanted to re-write the rules, I wanted to be just a belly without all the extra "slowness" or "insulation" however you look at it...  But I just don't think my body is cooperating with my idea's.  I'm struggling because being pregnant I allow myself some "extra's" but at the same time, I look at the results and I think logically, those extra's are too much so I should just go back to the "eat clean" basics.  No extra's (unless it's Saturday or Sunday)

Well if this wasn't a rant... I'm not sure what is..

Ps.. Doesn't the baby look like an alien?


  1. Don't all babies kind of look like aliens? :D

  2. Yup, until they get fat and chubby! I've been blessed with extremely chunky ones (10.8lbs, 8.9lbs 9.8lbs) We love em that way! Based on my belly this one is shaping up to be a fatso too :)