Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Pictures!

Pre-brunch GF waffle with berries!

The beautiful craft Annaliese made says "Je t'aime maman"

Brunch!  Sooo much food!!!

Annaliese (and Luke helping) bringing me my coffee!

Mark enabling my weakness for coffee flavored ice cream (well it is half the fat- but all the sugar!) and yes! the stupid tub of ice cream is sitting on my belly!  I didn't know Mark took this picture of me... and for the record I only had about 1 cm off the top!

Kids painting project for mother's day!  These will be posted in the basement with the other creations they made in the fall!

The three masterpieces!  Top: Annaliese  Mid: Luke  Bottom: Patrick

I got a pedicure while they were napping (purple) and so Annalise wanted to paint the rocks so they would match my toes and I would  "love the colour when I went to my garden"!

Here is a picture of her working hard on painting my rocks purple :D  She is so cute!

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