Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yes I eat Raw Fish... and here is why!

A very loving and concerned friend sent me this link, and to be fair, at first I didn't read it, then I went back and I read it through (it's pretty short) the comments are however very long!  I found these very interesting.  But ultimately I have already formed my very strong opinion about this hot topic of debate.  And in order to back up my argument I have walked around the house and taken pictures of all our daily household care items/cleaning products/personal care ...  that are not hidden or locked up.

You are probably wondering what the heck to raw fish and household cleaning products have in common.  Well let me tell you!!!

Your immune system.  Anytime you inhale oxygen you will inevitably be inhaling with that life giving gas, very toxic particles that accumulate in your body, to either build up (and will cause cancer.. it's proven... look it up if you don't beleive me) or your body tries to fight these off with your immune system.  In most cases, you body which is a miracle is pretty efficient, it has devised a way of storing toxins in fat cells; kind of like a holding cell for the bad guys until either it can figure out a way to eliminate these toxins (which are also found in foods- but I''m not going to be talking about that- I think I already have at some point) or your body begins attacking itself, autoimmune response.

The point is, when you are in contact with chemicals that are toxic your body and therefore your immune system is constantly working in overdrive to deal with them.  That said, my house is one of the cleanest that I know of; not clean in the way you are thinking, it does not sparkle, it has dirt, and bacteria and so on, but these are healthy for your body to fight.   We are evolved from cave men remember, dirt and bacteria are something we are designed to know how to fight, pesticides (bleach), chlorine, sodium laurel phosphates, etc... these are not found naturally in nature and therefore our body's are not designed to deal with them. As a disclaimer, Mark and I vehemently prescribe to the germ theory! (in short this means that when your body naturally fights off bacteria and germs - that it is designed too- it will build up a very healthy immune system, none of our kids have any allergies, and now that I'm off gluten.. neither do I!)

Now getting back to the raw fish, in some cases, raw foods contain bacteria, however I am confident that my body, which is presently not fighting toxins day in day out in my own home, is capable of fighting off these "bad guys".  However I am not reckless, I won't eat raw foods (meat/fish) that have been at sitting at room temperature for a long time, I will not eat anything that smells funny or overly fishy (pregnancy gives me super smelling powers remember) and I will not eat anything that looks funny!  (for example, red meat should never ever be gray!  Did you know that packager's use chemical's to make sure the top layers of meat keep their gorgeous red colour (it's a type of preservative) but the inside is going bad. It's all about shelf life! 

So here are the products we use in our "toxin free"/"clean" home!  We buy them at Longo's (or Organic Garage), but recently we have started to purchase dishwasher soap and laundry detergent bulk. Here is the website to the brand we purchase!

Under the sink.  No lock on the door.

These are also under the sink.

This is our "bulk" dishwasher detergent.  I took a picture of the box that we have stored in the basement.  (see later pics)

Here is under the sink!!! It's not pretty, but the way I see it, my kids could drink anything under here and be totally fine! 

This is the basement washroom/ laundry room.  The big brown box is our laundry soap (powder from Nature Clean).

Bulk laundry soap for our front load dryer.  I forgot to include the picture of the dryer sheets we use, they are just 2 pieces of material that Mark found at Canadian Tire (greyish colour). No chemicals!

This is possibly the most dangerous chemical we have, but it's basically peroxide.  We only use it on our dishcloths.

These are my products.  I'm out of my face wash, but when I buy it I'll post. ps, the little bottle is tea tree oil and it is amazing for blemishes!

Bathroom sink.

Kids toothpast (from Nature Clean) and mine.

We clean the shower/bathtub and sink with baking powder.

Shower stuff: all these are excellent and do not contain any harmful chemicals, the treehouse bubble bath is from Nature Clean (they do sell this at Longo's) The other products I found at either Whole Foods or Organic Garage.

This is one of the BEST and most versatile cleaning/personal care products available.   It contains 2 ingredients, castile soap and organic oil (I also have peppermint stashed away) and they make a mild version for babies! - that is the light blue label from top picture.

If ever you see Dr. Brommer's Magic Soap, pick it up and start reading the label!

If you have managed to make it this far in the post (cool) but remember, this is the choice Mark and I have made for our family.  I am in no way trying to get your knickers in a bunch, please un-bunch them!  This just happens to be what we strongly think and feel.  You can go about doing and cleaning with whatever you want to use, but if I have at least picked your curiosity to go and learn more about toxins, then hey!! Good on you!  

ps. I believe that the benefits of fish far outway the chances that I might also get sick.  But I don't eat large fish (such as tuna), because of the bioaccumulation of mercury these fish contain.  

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