Friday, May 13, 2011

I miss Bagels!

Bukamaranga is the name of the bagel shop I go to every now and then.  I used to be every Thursday!  Things change.

Since I don't eat gluten it's been hard to go back into the shop, the smells are overwhelming.  And if you get there early enough you might end up with a bag full of warm bagels... ummmm. But for the sake of the kids who also adore the shop, I finally ended my hiatus and walked in.  

Greeted with baskets of choices.  My kids always like the same, chocolate chip bagel.  My favorite (and still is..) the cinnamon raison.  

But best of all, fair trade Vanilla flavoured coffee!  If I have to chose I will drink this coffee over the bagel... It is soooo worth it.

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  1. yes :D LOL... I don't think they even have a website! But the bagels are amazing!