Friday, May 27, 2011

Our very first soccer game.

As you can see the weather was terrible for our hair!  However it didn't rain so that was a God send!

Since the poor kid was strapped in the stroller for a whole hour, I felt like he deserved alot of photographic attention!

Annaliese (in the pink pants) doing a double high five with her best friend (from school).

Here Luke is asking how she is doing and asking if he can sit with her!

No objections (smart girl knows it's always good to have a cheerleader!)

Posing!  After scoring a GOAL!!! woohoo... She didn't even want to play and now she's excited for next week because she want's to score another one!

Still smiling even though it seems like it's below zero, he's been stuck in the stroller for almost an hour!  I am really super excited the game is over in 10 minutes because I have lost circulation in my left hand! When it's almost June and you are freezing, it hurts that much more :(

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