Saturday, May 21, 2011

1 of many secrets to increasing your metabolism...

EAT MORE!!!!  Don't eat more junk food, or processed food or God help you take out food... Just eat more real food, green leafy, colourful, lean protein (not crap labeled "diet") those are just full of chemical's your body doesn't know how to process, and whole grains. 

I bring this up because Mark got back last night and was telling me all the fast food places the kids had to eat at during the trip.  I get that when you are traveling you need convenience, but almost 2 meals a day at a fast food restaurant is my idea of a nightmare.  Why not bring the kids to a local market and let them put together a meal?  Oh right!!!, because most of these kids have been raised on food that comes from a package.  That boils my blood!!! in case you are wondering. 

On the other side of the spectrum, he was telling me that he consistently sees teacher's eating only the smallest amount of food for lunch.  One teacher will only eat an apple and when Mark mentioned that that wasn't enough food (thank God my husband actually listens to me when I preach), she just said that if she eats anything more than that "It goes to her hips"...  WHAT????   Really people... 

The reason your metabolism is that slow is because you made it that way, if you starve yourself at any point in the day or for a series of day's your body will absolutely adapt (survival instincts) Think, how does a bear hibernate? It's metabolism has slown down so much that it's almost dead.  I have wonderful news, you can do that too.  If your body thinks it's in the middle of a famine, it will shut down it's ability to utilize food, it will basically just store it.  This is not healthy to sustain (mostly because you aren't lying in a cave doing nothing) you are still living and moving. But at this point your body will use other sources of fuel to survive (because it's not getting enough food fuel), it will break down muscle, and take "good fats" from your organs/brain.  And for some reason it will leave all that belly fat alone!!!  SO DON'T STARVE YOURSELF!!!!

It's stupid and dangerous and you can get really sick.  Mineral and vitamin deficiencies can lead to major health problems.  If you aren't getting fuel (ie, carbs/protein) and you aren't eating enough food in general, the nutrient dense foods (legumes,veggies, fruit) than you are not getting the vitamins and minerals that are essential in maintaining your health.  Vitamins and minerals are like key's, they unlock and lock the processes in your body (ie, your metabolism) everything your body needs to do to function is controlled by enzymes, minerals and vitamins.  So in the event of deficiency (sure you can run on borrowed time) your body is resourceful, it can take minerals out of your bones (for one example)... but eventually that leads to health problems on it's own.  

So here is your TAKE OUT:  eat eat eat, real food that has real vitamins, minerals, proteins and complex carbs...   And eat 5-6 times a day.  Keep fueling your body, it will run more efficiently if it doesn't think it's starving. 

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